9 Morning Habits will help you Seize the Day…. Carpe Diem

As a mentor and business coach, I am often asked "Where do I start?"  One idea is to establish a good morning routine if you can.

Whether youre a morning person or not, having a morning routine can be extremely beneficial. Most people feel most productive when they wake up and establishing an effective morning routine can allow that productivity to last longer throughout the day.

Social Marketing

Social Marketing

Social Media is an important part of your Online Marketing and is a free tool for promotion of your business on the internet. You need to create several Social Media profiles to build an online network for the promotion of your business. Social Media should be used for promotion of your website as well. This is a part of Search Engine Marketing strategy which helps to create more links to your web site.

Success 2019 For Your Small Business

Success is not complicated, it is simple, but people over complicate the process.

There are at least 1.8 million small businesses in Canada alone. It's not the competition that determines if a business fails, it's the business strategy, obviously that depends on if the business owners have a strategy at all!

Slow Times in Business

There comes a time when every business experiences a slow time. Depending on the type of business this could be a very big problem or it could be the time of the year.

Let’s imagine you are operating a restaurant, which has been open to the general public for a couple of years. In those first few years you had a lot of support from family and friends, with the expectation they would refer new customers to your restaurant.

Nobody Was Looking

There’s a well-validated truism in security incident response: the evidence is always there. I’m regularly involved in investigating cases where computers have been compromised by attackers, ranging from opportunistic hackers, cyber crime gangs and even nation-state sponsored espionage.

Google PageRank Goodbye!

Wondering if Google PageRank is not visible anymore? Was it cancelled by Google for the public view? If yes, than how SEO people will measure the website success?

Beyond Passwords

Passwords are a modern ‘pain in the neck’. We have passwords for this, passwords for that, and IT experts quoting confusing, and increasingly often, contradictory guidance on how to pick good passwords.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

As one of the co-founders of the SBCN I split my time between working on SBCN related tasks, and my other business Motivational Steps

October is my Birthday month, the month I got diagnosed with breast cancer, and also the month when my Mom and Father of my children passed away due to Cancer.

What Is Bridge Financing?

I see a lot of people in my line of work and more than a few are in the process of buying and selling with another agent. Bumping into people who are already represented is a normal part of our business, and chatting about real estate is something I enjoy regardless.

Last summer I met two couples who’d bought new places but hadn’t sold their existing homes yet. Needless to say they were a bit anxious to get their homes sold. This got me thinking about the stress they must be feeling, and I wondered if these couples knew about a financing option called a bridge loan.