Recorded Future Interview with Linda Ockwell-Jenner

As well as being the co-founder of the Small Business Community Network (SBCN) I also own and operate Motivational Steps'Motivational Steps™ is a leading consulting and personal development company in Ontario, Canada. I am often engaged to be the keynote speaker at conferences, and speak at events. I travel globally and my topics are small business, branding, networking, stress, health & wellness.

SBCN Special Event June


In the same time frame as a regular monthly networking event 7pm 9pm, In lieu of a guest presentation, our attendees formed teams to produce marketing content for the launch of a new mentoring service we called 'ProMotion'.

Three teams created a promotional video, a 30-second audio clip and a print piece, whilst our fourth team tied everything together with a plan of how the content would be used.

Choosing a Business Coach

With a multitude of resources available online and elsewhere, finding a business coach is rather easy. However, finding the right coach for you and your business is another matter. 

What key qualities should you look for in the person who will guide you through your business decisions and help propel your business to new heights?


As an IT solution provider, I feel it is important to try and or use everything that I recommend to my clients.  Doesn’t matter if it is hardware, software or processes if I wouldn’t use it, I won’t sell it.  One of my business goals for 2019 is to re-evaluate and add-on to my layered security package and make sure it is still covering all possible threats to protect my clients’ data.


There’s a common misconception that user data in SaaS applications (i.e. Office 365, Gsuite, etc) is fully backed up. It’s more likely that an employee will delete something they end up needing two weeks later than the possibility of all of Google’s servers being destroyed by a storm. In fact, SaaS applications usually aren’t the responsible party for data loss, but they aren’t built to protect against accidental or malicious actions either.


How to Make Prospective Clients Aware of Your Work

I’ll bet you do great work with your clients. But if your clients are the only ones who know what you can do, you won’t stay in business. There are many ways to let prospective clients know about your work, But for most self-employed professionals, there are only four categories that make sense: networking, speaking, writing, and media

Give specific examples of the results and benefits of your work which are anchored in physical reality. Saying, “My client saved $1500 on his taxes” makes a tax preparer’s work tangible. “I prepare and file tax returns” does not.

Small Business Community Network (SBCN)

The Small Business Community Network (SBCN) was created and co-founded by Dave and Linda Ockwell-Jenner i 2003 to offer a community based networking organization to business owners who would benefit from the support, mentorship, strategies, education offered to them.

Our monthly networking events take place the 3rd Wednesday of every month.

Check out the many benefits offered via our membership packages:


Shortened URLs (and QR Codes)

You’ve seen them before: the cryptic shortened URLs.  Generally speaking, these are short links to sites with long names.  Services such as,, and (mostly defunct) will take the long URL and create a shortened version.  The result is something that looks like this: