Microsoft Knows Small Business

"In 2016, small businesses generated 30% of the gross domestic product of each province. We know small business. Check out the resources we have for you:"

Financial Planning For Small Businesses

Small businesses are the core of the Canadian economy. Entrepreneurship and creativity have been moving our economy for centuries. In fact, Canada has one of the best grooming environments for start-ups and small businesses. Business owners spend several years building up their business. They invest a significant amount of personal time and capital to grow their companies.

Social Media - Don't Jump in Head First

I love all the new technologies, social media opportunities, YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest, to name a few of the amazing resources offering us tools to help us build our business, which in turn can lead to our continued success.

Home Control on a Baby Registry?

Diapers, mobile, onsies, home control system?  Yes, you read that right.  Every new parent should have a home control system on their list of must have items for baby’s arrival.  Why?  Simple.  Home control simplifies and if there’s one thing a new parent desires it’s simplicity. 

Promoting Productivity

The other night while filming the first of a new video series on starting a small business, the conversation with my well-informed and experienced co-host turned to a topic that, frankly, most people do not deal with well as small business owners and entrepreneurs. In fact, even seasoned business owners do not handle it well. What is it? Stress and disorganization. Ever hear the expression, “I can multi-task”?

Your Means Test

Here we are at a time of year when some people are in post-Christmas doldrums not that the spending season is done and credit card statements are rolling in. It is a pause for reflection on how much money you were going to spend (if you had a budget) and realizing how much you did spend. It further extends to some of us looking at how much money we are spending in general.