Why do we hate sales?

Why do we dislike being "sold to"?

When we hear the word “selling” of any kind, we want to run. The truth of the matter is, we are being sold to everyday. Everything from clothing, cars, and even our toothpaste has been marketed to us. 

Why are we so hesitant to buy from a MLM company or any direct seller?

Many pyramid schemes have been disguised as MLM or direct sales companies made millions misleading others, hence the word "scheme" often being added when referring to MLM or Direct Sales.

Does a messy desk equal genius?

The universe loves entropy. It’s the final state of everything if given enough time. This seems eerily familiar to those of us with messy desks and cars.

Can I justify the mess because ‘creatives’ are just born this way? I’m intelligent, and that too is an indicator that I may be prone to slovenliness. Does a messy desk equal genius? According to Cosmo, it's true :O

Small Business Cross Borders

At one time, selling internationally was something only well-established organizations could hope to do. Small businesses never dreamt of entering foreign markets. They only opened their doors to their local community or within the country. The number of small businesses who have opened online and want to expand the borders of this business has significantly increased.

Is the customer always right?

I was talking to an associate the other day and realized I have been in a customer service related industry for over 30 years.  Yes, I know my boyish looks tend to make you drop your jaw in disbelief, but it is true.  Another thing this associate and I were talking about was the fact that it is pretty easy to tell the people who have worked in this industry from the people who have.  There is just a difference.

To Do List vs. Project Management

SG Money Coach

Have you ever thought of what benefits a Project Management tool could do for you?

Sunday evenings are a great time for me to review what is in the forecast for the upcoming week.  There are times when a simple list will do, but as my business progresses, I found a list was simply not enough! 

Are Clients Always Right?

Fortunately, this does not have to happen a lot. But as small business owners, we need to realize and accommodate the fact that sometimes things don’t always go our way with a client relationship. It is something that a lot of small business owners struggle handling.

Do I Need a Toaster?

Way back in the ‘good old days’, banks used to try really hard to get new customers.

They also seemed to think that they should treat their current customers differently than the new customers they were trying to woo. What they didn’t seem to realize was, their current customers were the ones who allowed them the budget to try to attract the new customers.

Let's Get Healthy!

I lost my mum to cancer at the young age of 65  and she lost her mum to the same cancer at age 65.

I realized that this puts me at high risk, so I began to research causes and here's a few very brief points of what I learned: