Business Or Busyness

I had an interesting and engaging conversation with a business owner the other day. He was experiencing some challenges with time management and prioritization. As a mentor, I always ask the people I am assisting to take their time and elaborate on the specific issues they find challenging. Part of effective listening involves reading body movements and the choice of words and how they are enunciated. It reflects on emotions and trigger points.

Press Release Motivational Steps

Patience is a Virtue

The purpose of this blog is to share my expertise, my challenges, my ups and my downs since starting my first business, Motivational Steps 16 years ago.

Patience has always been something I excel at, mostly because I have had no choice. One example would be when I was attending Sunnybrook Cancer Centre for my radiation the first time I was diagnosed with breast cancer. The shuttle bus would take us at 8am in the morning to the hospital if our treatment time was anywhere between 8.30 to 1pm so we had a lot of waiting around to do.

Pro Tip: Spring Clean Your Computer

Don’t forget to clean your computer! We’re not talking about the hardware, you’ve already done that, right?  You’ve heard about things like RAM and Memory, and you’re well acquainted with the word “Loading.” Spring cleaning the digital portion of your computer (and tablet, and smartphone) will help keep your system user-friendly for as long as possible.

First Time Buyers Faux Pas

The real estate market has gone insane. At the moment of writing this article, we may fortunately be see some softening but it’s a seller’s market and homes are attracting multiple offers and selling for huge premiums. This has left our younger clients to start asking whether it is an appropriate time to purchase their first home. While its certainly does vary by client, I thought it would be prudent to outline the issues that first time buyers can control and prepare for.

Invest or Divest Debt

You’ve heard the adage should I invest or pay off debt? Do I do both? Is one strategy better than the other? It seems that this question is always raised by people we engage with. The answer is specific to each individual, family, and business. The optimal strategy is part of what is included in a Financial Life Plan. To provide some insight, I thought I would spend some time to review some of the determinants that goes into this.

Successful People Are Not Created

I write about things that happen in my daily life, real life experiences.

Today I received yet another email promising me that if I wanted to be successful I should sign up and pay a certain amount of money to the person emailing me, in order for them to create my success or transform me, and then I would be successful. Really? Can someone actually "create" me? I thought I was already created - since I was born.