As an IT solution provider, I feel it is important to try and or use everything that I recommend to my clients.  Doesn’t matter if it is hardware, software or processes if I wouldn’t use it, I won’t sell it.  One of my business goals for 2019 is to re-evaluate and add-on to my layered security package and make sure it is still covering all possible threats to protect my clients’ data.

I decided I would use multifactor authentication on every login I possibly can using my own offering of choice.  What prompted me to do this now was I had some suspicious activity on my Google account and attempted logins to my Facebook account that I didn’t recognize.  So now to login to my google or Facebook accounts after putting in my password I’m prompted by an app on my smartphone to authorize the login or enter a randomly generated code.  Since doing this I’ve had almost zero false login attempts and only once did I get prompted for a login that wasn’t me and therefore was able to effectively block the attempt.  It has given me a great piece of mind in knowing should someone learn my password through a hacked site or similar action that they still can’t login without the MFA prompt to my phone app.

Now every important login I have goes through the app on my phone.  Some prompt, some text and others I enter a code the app generates (one calls my cell and I just enter a number to acknowledge).  Just depends on how the target you’re logging into is setup and while yes it does take a little longer to login at times, it is not as big a hassle as the majority of the time your phone is with you at arm’s length.

For me nothing beats the piece of mind this has provided me!

If you’d like to know more about MFA click this line to read the article originally published December 2018