Re-Envisioning ABC

Recently, with a fellow mentor, we were in the middle of working with a delightful young business owner who demonstrated serious passion. A rarity for some. She was developing a business and was challenged with prospecting. She did not have a problem of engaging with people. It was more of trying to balance that with the use of social media and electronic mediums.

The New Truth About Social Media Marketing

Social Media Header: From Sales to Trust
I've been spending a lot of time with other marketers and consultants, and one question trips up everybody:
How do you prove you've given a return on investment to a customer?
For anyone who isn't familiar with return on investment (or ROI) an example would be this: a

Business Or Busyness

I had an interesting and engaging conversation with a business owner the other day. He was experiencing some challenges with time management and prioritization. As a mentor, I always ask the people I am assisting to take their time and elaborate on the specific issues they find challenging. Part of effective listening involves reading body movements and the choice of words and how they are enunciated. It reflects on emotions and trigger points.