How To Make Prospective Clients Aware Of Your Work

I’ll bet you do great work with your clients. But if your clients are the only ones who know what you can do, you won’t stay in business. There are many ways to let prospective clients know about your work, But for most self-employed professionals, there are only four categories that make sense: networking, speaking, writing, and media

Give specific examples of the results and benefits of your work which are anchored in physical reality. Saying, “My client saved $1500 on his taxes” makes a tax preparer’s work tangible. “I prepare and file tax returns” does not.

Describe what you do in terms that anyone in your target audience can understand. “I write newsletters and employee communications for corporate clients” is understandable. “I’m a communications consultant” is easily

A well-constructed description, story, or demonstration of your work – delivered via networking, speaking, writing, or media — will pull potential clients into your orbit.

Without using these factors, you may end up expending far too much effort on telling people about your work, without seeing any results for it.