The Real Purpose of Social Media in Business

When starting a business, you wouldn't give your heat and hydro a sales goal. That doesn't make sense does it? To say "Heat and hydro cost $350 per month, and therefore just by providing heat and hydro we should bring in $350 worth of business" is absolutely crazy. It misses every other part of business. 

You cannot be in business unless you have a product or service to sell: that is essential to business. Period. Every single business has a purpose, a problem to solve, a need or want to fulfill.

Narrow To A Niche

Last week, sitting in a pub with a business colleague, I had an interesting discussion about when business gets to the point of being too busy. There are several strategies on how to deal with this problem. Yes, I said problem and a nice one to have. Demand is a challenge for most businesses especially excess demand. Not satisfying the demand can kill a business and its reputation.

Emotionally Entrepreneur

It amazes me the number of people who call themselves entrepreneurs without really understanding what the term means. We seem to live in an era where the title entrepreneur is paraded around like a badge of honour. What warrants the title of entrepreneur though, no one is sure. The word entrepreneur is very similar to the word creative. Ask ten different people for their definition and you'll get ten different answers.

Should you choose a Fixed or Variable Mortgage Interest Rate?

Should you choose a Fixed or Variable Mortgage Interest Rate?

by Mark Benkovic, Excel Mortgage Canada Connection, Saturday, October 14, 2017

One of the most common questions posed by mortgage borrowersi is “Should I choose a Fixed or Variable Mortgage Interest Rate?”

Variable (Adjustable) Rate Mortgage Basics:

Leveraging LinkedIn

Its funny where conversations go. Recently on The Small Business Show on Rogers tv in Waterloo Region, I interviewed a 35-year real estate veteran, Ian Inglis of ReMax, about social selling. He mentioned three social media channels that he uses to promote his brokerage. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are his preferred.

Re-Envisioning ABC

Recently, with a fellow mentor, we were in the middle of working with a delightful young business owner who demonstrated serious passion. A rarity for some. She was developing a business and was challenged with prospecting. She did not have a problem of engaging with people. It was more of trying to balance that with the use of social media and electronic mediums.

The New Truth About Social Media Marketing

Social Media Header: From Sales to Trust
I've been spending a lot of time with other marketers and consultants, and one question trips up everybody:
How do you prove you've given a return on investment to a customer?
For anyone who isn't familiar with return on investment (or ROI) an example would be this: a