Invest or Divest Debt

You’ve heard the adage should I invest or pay off debt? Do I do both? Is one strategy better than the other? It seems that this question is always raised by people we engage with. The answer is specific to each individual, family, and business. The optimal strategy is part of what is included in a Financial Life Plan. To provide some insight, I thought I would spend some time to review some of the determinants that goes into this.

Successful People Are Not Created

I write about things that happen in my daily life, real life experiences.

Today I received yet another email promising me that if I wanted to be successful I should sign up and pay a certain amount of money to the person emailing me, in order for them to create my success or transform me, and then I would be successful. Really? Can someone actually "create" me? I thought I was already created - since I was born. 

Pro Tip: Spring Clean Your Network Closet

Your network closet is the cave or corner of your office (sometimes under a desk) that houses your main internet and network connections. Here lives your modem, your router, your printer, your scanner, the photocopier, likely a shredder, and a terrifying tangle of cables. Time to shed some light in there and find out what you’re dealing with before disaster strikes. Grab a couple of dry dusting cloths, something to label cables, a digital camera (or smartphone), a pad of paper and pen. Zip ties may come in handy. And a vacuum.

SBCN YouTube Small Business Perspective Videos

Why not check out the Small Business Community Network (SBCN) most recent YouTube Video, SBCN Small Biz Perspectives.

I host the video chats, as one of the co-founders I want to share as much information as possible to help small business owners, and this is a great way to do it.

In this video SBCN Member Steve Bentley, Northern River Financial is our featured guest and we chat about Business Plans.

Why Add Video to Your Content & How

Today I want to share a few tips and ideas on the topic of videos for your online content. I am in no way an expert, but having worked on quite a few videos in the past with my business partner husband, Dave Ockwell-Jenner, we have learned quite a lot over the past 10 years.

The Good News

The great news is if you add video to your content you will gain more interest and your audience will probably stay around long enough to read the message you shared.

Pros of Buying Your Corporate Laptop from your IT Service

Misconceptions run rampant in the corporate world about the best sources for computers and hardware. This is especially contentious when the need is critical, as in the laptop died and you need a new one yesterday. It’s tempting to drive over to the nearest electronics store and pick one up right now. Before you do that, here are the benefits of purchasing your business laptop from directly from an IT service provider like Polarverse.



Success to Small Talk

Whatever it is, it’s on your calendar. You’re invited to o a company party, a networking event, a friend’s wedding, or a community group outing. Maybe events like these, the ones that require small talk, bring more anxiety than excitement.

Microsoft Knows Small Business

"In 2016, small businesses generated 30% of the gross domestic product of each province. We know small business. Check out the resources we have for you:"

Financial Planning For Small Businesses

Small businesses are the core of the Canadian economy. Entrepreneurship and creativity have been moving our economy for centuries. In fact, Canada has one of the best grooming environments for start-ups and small businesses. Business owners spend several years building up their business. They invest a significant amount of personal time and capital to grow their companies.


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