Managing Through A Period of Business Disruption


By Tom Fournier


During our recent "virtual" monthly networking session, I spoke for PowerUp on managing through this time of disruption.  From my notes, I have written this article.


This is a period of unprecedented disruption for all of us.


There is disruption in our business lives.  There is also disruption and perhaps hardship in our personal lives.


Motivational Steps Live Stream

 I am the President of Motivational Steps and recently I have been experimenting with live streaming my converations with various busines people.

When trying something new I am little bit nervous, and I am very lucky to have the support and help of my business partner/husband. Saying that

nothing seems to work the first time. That's OK though, don't let it put you off.

Motivational Steps

Motivational Steps 

I came up with the idea to start my own business just months after I had been diagnosed with breast cancer for the second time. Unfortunately I had to have both my breasts removed. 

Becoming a motivational speaker was not easy, but I persevered and here I am now.

Over the years I have faced many more challenges,  and because of this I have discovered how reslient I am. 

SBCN Trivia Tuesdays

With the COVID-19 global pandemic having a large impact upon small business, the Small Business Community Network (SBCN) is finding new ways to keep our community engaged and smiling through difficult times. Starting March 24, 2020 - the SBCN is hosting SBCN Trivia Tuesdays! Our quiz has always been a highlight of our Christmas and Summer Socials, so we're bringing it every week for anyone to enjoy.

What Does A Garden Hose Have To Do With Sales?


At the February, 2020  Monthly SBCN Networking Event, the notion of motivation came up several times.

It reminded me of a sales analogy that I used when I was in the field coaching sales representatives.  That analogy revolved around a garden hose and the characterisitcs of the flow out of the hose when you turned the tap on and off.

How To Gracefully Exit A Conversation

Image result for exiting a conversation gracefully cartoon

You are at a networking event or business conference and you are in a conversation with someone you just met and feeling trapped.  You do not want to be rude, but you want to have conversations with others in the room.  What do you do?  How do you diplomatically and gracefully end the conversation? 

The Small Business Show

Becoming a Motivational Speaker