Small Business Lessons from Formula 1

I’m a fan of Formula 1 motor racing. It’s the pinnacle of motor sport that represents the very peak of engineering and performance. It also requires levels of investment that seem outrageous to gain just a few tenths-of-a-second over the competition.

Calm Down, Seriously!

We all have things that leave us on edge. Sometimes it’s an event or a person.   Sometimes we’re more anxious due to more significant issues, leaving us unsure of our safety and well-being, like when a severe illness is going around. Covid certainly has brought this into all our lives.  We often do not know what is coming up next in terms of restrictions, lockdowns, product shortages.  Whatever the case, anxiety is adept at derailing our lives and keeping us from accomplishing what we want and need to.

Key strategies to manage your small business’s cash flow

Cash is the lifeblood of every business and running out of cash is the number one reason why small businesses fail. According to a recent survey, three out of every five businesses experience cash flow problems. The fact is that even if a business reaching their sales target, it will not be able to pay bills on time and keep doors open if it does not have enough cash in the bank.

Here are six effective cash flow management strategies which can help you manage your business’s cash flow better:

1.Accelerating your Accounts Receivable/Billing Process

How To Deal With Declining Profitability In Your Small Business

For majority of business owners, the primary aim is to increase the revenue and to boost the sales potential of their business over time. There is no doubt that increase in top line(revenue) of your business’s profit and loss account is important for growth of your business, however, revenue dollars solely do not provide enough information to help you measure the success and growth potential of your small business.

This article will highlight one of the most important profitability ratios to help your small business succeed. In this blog, we will do the in-depth analysis of:

(Virtual) Monthly Networking Events

We know what it’s like. Your fifth online meeting of the day and you’re beginning to get what some are calling ‘Zoom Fatigue’. There’s something about meeting virtually that just isn’t the same as face-to-face. It can be tiring and doesn’t always seem as gratifying as meeting ‘the old way’.

But perhaps that’s just because you haven’t found the right virtual event for you!

Networking Before and After COVID-19

The Small Business Community Network (SBCN) continued to offer networking opportunities once the pandemic led to working from home during the first lockdown last year. We know the benefit of continuity and taking the time to build relationships via networking events. Without connections who remember you, talk about you, and share your business information, no sales are possible.

Get Comfortable with Change

In these trying times, getting more comfortable with change is vital to your survival.  Dealing with a change in your life can be downright uncomfortable, and the larger the change, the more uncomfortable you will feel. Although these feelings are completely normal, there are several ways you can help yourself become more comfortable with change.

Let Go of Past Convictions

Virtual Tours for Your Business

360KW  offers Virtual Tours for any type of business you have! We worked with many different companies in the past, and are happy to provide services for retail stores, restaurants, show rooms, business offices, galleries, construction/renovation companies, and interior design companies.

What Sets You Apart?

What sets you apart from the hundreds of thousands of others in a sales capacity.  Whether it is a product or service, your number one product is YOU!

Let me say that again, your number one product is YOU!!

Be your authentic self and offer value every time.

Here are 5 things that in my opinion are key to setting you apart from others.

1.  Educate yourself!


7 Steps to Improve Your Sales Conversations

A lot of people fall into the same trap and could have much better sales conversations.  Often, they talk too much, too little, are over eager, unprepared and appear uncomfortable, cave into a discount!!  Oh, do not get me started on discounting. Never, ever, ever discount your price.  If you feel the need add value but do not discount your price.

How can you improve your sales conversations…? Let me give you my 7 tips: