Virtual Tours for Your Business

360KW  offers Virtual Tours for any type of business you have! We worked with many different companies in the past, and are happy to provide services for retail stores, restaurants, show rooms, business offices, galleries, construction/renovation companies, and interior design companies.

What Sets You Apart?

What sets you apart from the hundreds of thousands of others in a sales capacity.  Whether it is a product or service, your number one product is YOU!

Let me say that again, your number one product is YOU!!

Be your authentic self and offer value every time.

Here are 5 things that in my opinion are key to setting you apart from others.

1.  Educate yourself!


7 Steps to Improve Your Sales Conversations

A lot of people fall into the same trap and could have much better sales conversations.  Often, they talk too much, too little, are over eager, unprepared and appear uncomfortable, cave into a discount!!  Oh, do not get me started on discounting. Never, ever, ever discount your price.  If you feel the need add value but do not discount your price.

How can you improve your sales conversations…? Let me give you my 7 tips:

NextGen Business Podcast

The NextGen Business Podcast is aimed at YOU, our next generation’s entrepreneur!

Linda OJ and Aaron Espindola are your hosts for this energetic and topical video podcast.

Join us for fun conversations covering topics related to entrepreneurship. Whether you’re thinking about starting a business, or your career options, the NextGen Business Podcast will help you on your journey.

2021 is the Year to Adapt

Adapt purely means to “to adjust oneself to different conditions, environment, etc.: to adapt easily to all circumstances.”  -

The pandemic has impacted all businesses. Some are able to continue regardless, others are changing how they operate, and unfortunately, some businesses are no longer able to continue and have closed down.

Adapting to change is often looked at as hard work, not cost effective, and some people fear change.

The new normal has begun already and will continue to affect all businesses for at least another year.

Video on Social Media

We’ve been hearing for some time that video is “the way to go”. Content consumers are favoring video content in increasing numbers, so if you have yet to add video to your content marketing efforts, you’re missing out.

Fortunately for us, it’s never been easier to record and produce our own video content. Smartphones now give us immensely powerful tools to shoot, edit and even publish video using something many of us have close at all times. Even feature-length movies have been shot entirely on smartphones, so they are clearly capable.

My word for 2021 is ADAPT

According to Darwin's Origin of Species, It is not the strongest that survives; nor the most intelligent who survives.  It the one the that is most adaptable to change.


The one constant thing in our lives is change. We cannot avoid it and the more we resist changes, the more difficult our life becomes.  We are surrounded by changes daily and there is no avoiding it.  There is however a healthy and realistic way to face change and that is to adapt.

What Can a Banana Tell us About Business Strategy?




Tom Fournier

I had a “I was this many minutes old” moment not too long ago when I saw someone posting about bananas.  I wish I kept track of the person who posted so that I could properly credit them.

When you go to peel a banana, which end do you start with?

Amplification through Social Media

Are you using social media such as LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter or Facebook to try to promote your business or to elevate your personal credentials?

Perhaps you are also networking whether it is part of a networking organization or working within an industry.

Virtual Networking For Your Success

The Small Business Community Network (SBCN) wants you to be successful every step of the way! Business networking whether it's in person or virtual is a valuable asset to build your connections, trust, visibilty, brand and revenue.

Virtual networking is here to stay, long after #Covid19 has been defreated!  When networking virtually you are inviting someone into your home. Whether you have  a dedicated home office space or work via the kitchen or bedroom, portraying a professional look and feel pays off big time.