Storytelling In Your Marketing

The Art of Storytelling: How To Boost Your Content Strategy


People LOVE reading stories. Stories of people’s challenges, successes, and life lessons! Imagine making your marketing more appealing using stories that will draw people in!

The benefits of telling stories when marketing is they grab attention and invite conversation. This creates a feeling of belonging and are more memorable that just facts alone.

Remember “Facts tell, stories sell”

When it comes to personalizing your content with stories, it can be helpful to understand what makes a relevant story. These four elements can guide you through the storytelling process… your goal, the motivation for your goal, obstacles and finally overcoming the obstacle.

Every compelling story starts with a goal. Sometimes, the goal is simple like learning how to use new software. Sometimes, the goal is more complex like seeking a life partner or learning how to eat in healthy ways.Before you tell a story, pause to reflect on the goal. For example, Sophia’s goal was to boost her engagement rate and get more feedback from her community about what they wanted to see from her.

Motivation is the why behind your goal. It’s what keeps driving you forward even in the face of obstacles and setbacks. Motivation can differ from person to person. You could be motivated  to learn updated content marketing skills because you want to advertise your business.

Conflict is the obstacle between what you want and how you'll achieve it. Conflict is sometimes internal such as not being sure of the next move, doubting yourself, or getting stuck in a negative mindset. Sometimes conflict is external. This happens when a force outside of yourself is preventing you from accomplishing your goal. For example, you lack the software you need to create a website, or you lack the time to build your business.

The final element in any relevant story is the moment when you overcome an obstacle and achieve the results you wanted. How you overcome depends on your conflict. For example, you may have been dealing with negative thinking and a conversation with a friend helped you let go of those thoughts. With external conflict, the overcoming is usually the result of acting. If your goal was to build your own website and your conflict was that you’re not good with technology, then your moment of overcoming may have been purchasing an online course to learn how to use WordPress. The best way to learn how to use stories in your content is to study how other marketers weave stories into their topics. The more you do this the easier it will get to see how the four elements work together to create gripping stories.


Where to Use Stories

In Your Blog Posts

Product Reviews

Social Media Posts



Adding stories to your Marketing is an amazing way to captivate and keep your audience wanting more!

Whether you share your story or someone else's, stay focused on your goal—connecting with and inspiring your reader!!