Networking Before And After Covid-19

The Small Business Community Network (SBCN) continued to offer networking opportunities once the pandemic led to working from home during the first lockdown last year. We know the benefit of continuity and taking the time to build relationships via networking events. Without connections who remember you, talk about you, and share your business information, no sales are possible.

Since 2003 we have assisted hundreds of people in all stages of their business growth. Some of our members were not able to continue to operate their businesses during lockdown. The SBCN team came up with a series of videos to help all businesses navigate the virtual events, professionally, affordably, and to stay in the spotlight.

Our monthly networking events continued, virtually via Zoom, for our members and non-members to benefit from the seminars, breakout rooms, and much more.

Even before the pandemic, businesses went through the slow times. During those times, including the lockdown, we encouraged our members to cultivate an impressive online presence, and continue to be ‘seen to be seen’ for their target market to find them easily.

We have found that, sadly, some businesses have ceased to operate. But new businesses have launched, knowing the many opportunities waiting for them once the pandemic is over!

The SBCN is here to assist businesses in the early stages, and continue to assist them grow, and reach the success they are working towards. Networking is not just about events. The connections you build relationships with, lead to referrals, sales, sponsorship opportunities, partnerships and much more.

Networking is also about education, via the seminars and mentoring the SBCN offers small businesses.

Introductions are forthcoming from within our membership and of course via our social media platforms. A warm introduction is more valuable than a cold call.

The time is now to find out more about how the SBCN team can assist you. We are here for you!