Customer Centric Service

I suppose it gets to the point when you have to say something, so I am. We see it over and over again and just shake our heads. Except I am not just writing about what happened but what to actually do so you know how to resolve it in future if it happens to you as a business owner.

Plan to live to 100

Yes! -- you can reasonably expect to live a long, long life and you should start planning for it now.

Here’s why:

  • Population projections tell us that centenarians, those aged 100 and over, rose 87.7 per cent between 2004 and 20111 -- and the number of centenarians is expected to triple or quadruple by 20362.
  • Today’s 65-year-olds can expect to live 20 years beyond retirement, on average3.

Accordingly, you should start your income longevity planning right away.

Here’s how:

Leaving Your Group RRSP?

If you work for a company that offers a group RRSP (Registered retirement Savings Plan) program, you’re luckier than you might realize. In Canada, only 40% of employers offer a group retirement plan. Of the companies that do, 85% offer employee matching where the employer contributes to the plan. If you do have the opportunity to participate in a plan, I strongly encourage you to take advantage of it.

Housing & The Economy

Buying a home not only impacts the homeowner’s financial situation, it also impacts national and local economies. Let’s take a look at the impact of housing on the economy.

How is 2016 going so far?

Here we are 2 months into 2016, how's it going?  Is this the year you plan to soar to the top in your industry?

We often start with goals or intentions, but how often do we look at them again after making them?  To keep focussed and to stay on target, review goals monthly.  The following applies to people in direct sales, but can be used by anyone in sales.

Selling Smarter

In sales, your customers are your toughest critics. Wary that they may be charmed into purchasing snake oil, they immediately put up their guard and find any excuse not to spend their hard-earned money. Smart entrepreneurs and salespeople find ways to build rapport with potential customers and then demonstrate the value of their product or service. To become more skilled at generating buy-in with prospects and close sales, here are some tips to selling smarter.

Explore their latent needs 

What is Group Insurance

Group Insurance

We hear a lot about group insurance but we don’t hear about the basics. So let’s jump right in and start with what is group insurance? Group insurance is insurance coverage that a business can buy to cover health related charges incurred by its employees.

Quitting Corporate

The world is filled with people grousing about their corporate jobs and dreaming of going out on their own as small business owners, but relatively few take the plunge. The problem… many just have no idea where to start. That is the first and largest reason fledgling entrepreneurs take over an existing small or medium-sized business, rather than starting a new business from scratch.

1. The Test Phase Is Over