Where Do You Live - Past - Present - Future?


The minute you change your perception is the moment you rewrite the mystery.

If you don’t believe -- It will never happen!

How much do you think your past and present are affecting your future?


I was recently asked; 'Where do you live?' It may have seemed like a strange question but it has to do with positioning and how You position yourself for what you really want to achieve within your financial home.

Understanding what You do will create the opening to know which paths You have taken that have been beneficial and which You could certainly have done without.

The worst part about following a path is; it usually is too late when You realize that You have reached a dead end.

:: This is where it is important to know what you are about. ::

• Are you a leader or a follower?

• Can you take charge at the sight of trouble?

• Or is it simpler to have someone tells You what and when to do something?

There is a leader in all of us; it is not a matter of taking charge, but rather being in charge of You.


:: Admit it - You have conversations with yourself all the time! ::

• Are You positive or negative?

• Do you take the time to congratulate yourself for a job or task well done?

• Or do You concentrate more on all the things that go wrong?

If You have to think about your answers than chances are You are in a limbo stage where You just want to do something, anything to have the peace and harmony of which You see in the faces of so many others.

Many times we see ourselves through the eyes of others and it can be very daunting to live up to the expectation another has for us and how we are viewed.

When we find ourselves keeping up with ‘others’ eventually it puts a very heavy burden on your shoulders.


:: What is really important is how you view yourself! ::

• What are You doing?

• What do You have?

• What do You need?

• What makes You happy?


So are You okay, but could be good or even great!

How You view You is more important than how anyone else sees You.

The past is nothing more than a reminder of where we have been.

Positioning is all about understanding the present and building a future that You can live with!


And with that, it is time to take control – as much as You can – and highlight and celebrate Your accomplishments regardless of how small or big they may be.


:: Things You Can Do ::

• Use the comment section below to share any accomplishments that have warmed your heart, highlighted your day, strengthened your bank account, or even something that You thought was horribly wrong that turned into something incredibly right.

• Do You journal - take the questions from within this post and see what putting pen to paper reveals about your true emotions.

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