Can I Manage My Business And Have Some Down Time This Summer?

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Managing Your Business for the Summer

Managing your small business for the summer….. can you serve your business and enjoy some summer fun?

Most people like to take holidays in the summer. In Canada the weather is warm and our children are on summer holidays from school so it makes perfect sense to take some time off.  While we are doing that, what is happening with our small business.  If you are a solo entrepreneur, you do not have someone to fall back onto to keep things going in your absence so what do you do?

There are a few things, including keeping your current clients aware of your activities during the summer.  You might want to remind them your hours and if you are not available for an extended period.    

Use technology to your advantage

Just as you probably started to use technology more at the start of the quarantine to stay connected in your business, you can use the same tools during the summer. Get your online tools synched with your phone, tablet, and laptop. By making things portable, it allows you the opportunity to go and do the things you want to do and plan accordingly.

Here’s a handy checklist we do to make sure we’re staying on top of things.

  • Forward your business phone to your cell phone. 
  • Link up your work email to your electronics for easy access. 
  • Schedule emails in advance to plan out staff scheduling and to-do lists.

You’ll find this may free up some extra time for yourself by getting things organized for your business and employees.

Create Summer Campaigns

Just as we have special campaigns the rest of the year, why not create a summer one.  One that plans for the peak selling season ahead in the fall perhaps.  Have contests, work with the long weekends from Canada Day to Labour Day. Have a brand awareness day.  There are emails you can plan ahead so your customers are hearing from you even as you are soaking up the sun

Plan and Schedule Social Media Content

One great way to keep your audience thinking about your business during the summer is with your online presence through social media, email campaigns, and advertisements. 

Whether you manage your social media in-house or hire an agency to take care of it for you, plan out your summer campaigns and key features in advance. Planning 2-3 months ahead will free up a lot of time for you and keep things organized. Be sure to check in and see what activity your posts are receiving and if necessary pivot accordingly.

Build your Lists

It is always important to be managing and growing your business list throughout the year, but there is a great opportunity to do more of it in the summer months. Email marketing has been a consistent tool utilized by all industries to help move potential customers as well as loyal ones down your sales funnel to create conversions. 

Some ways to build your email marketing list are:

  1. Using lead magnets to draw in subscribers
  2. Include pop-up subscription forms on your website
  3. Ask customers to sign up before or after they make a purchase
  4. Offer a free service in return for their email
  5. Offer a sale for subscribers ONLY (this will encourage new ones)
  6. Deliver valuable content

Participate in Local Events

Summer is downtime for many of your customers as well.  This would be a great time to host or participate in local events.  Take advantage of the season to entertain existing customers, but also to bring in new ones.  Perhaps an Ice Cream truck giving away free treats in you business parking lot or home address or find a park where you could host this.  Let everyone know, bring the kids and enjoy a treat on me!Hosting a Social Media Contest

Schedule Time for Yourself and Plan a Vacay

It’s important to lastly schedule time for yourself so go and schedule a vacation. Getting ready to take the time off will require initial planning as we have talked about in the above sections, but it is manageable and doable. Having time away will help you re-energize and come back with a clear mindset along with fresh ideas.