Change Leads To Success

The Social Sweetheart

Change is not scary it opens new opportunities. My business had to pivot, and choose a different direction due to the pandemic. My motivational speaking engagements became virtual. I had two choices, wait until I could travel the world again as a sought after keynote speaker, or jump on the virtual bandwagon.

The way I looked at it was that since 2002 until present I had worked very hard to enjoy the success I have. I could see no point waiting in the shadows, and I definitely made the right decision.

Motivational Steps 

I love my work and my business, Motivational Steps, helps make the world a better place. I was never trained as a "professional speaker", in fact I was, and still am, quite shy. What bought me out of my shell was the opportunity to help others.

My lived experiences, and yes there are many, are not copied out of a book or a training course. Whether I am sharing how moving to Canada from England meant our first home, which we were so proud to purchase was next door to people who bullied us, told us to go back to our own country, and after a frightening time, ended up as a court case. If the iPhone was something invented all those years ago I would have been able to video the female next door trying to smash my car windscreen with an axe.

The challenges just kept coming. Our small businesses failed, our financial challenges got worse, my first breast cancer diagnosis, divorce, and I had to juggle three low paid jobs to try to keep our home so that myself and my four children had somewhere to live. 


Those days were dark and brutal, and I experienced how being an underpaid sales assistant at a shoe store was treated. No time off at all to spend with my children, no weekends at all. I was classed as part time, but worked full time hours. I cleaned in a local hotel, and tried to sell vacuum's.

I had no idea that after my second breast cancer diagnosis that I would one day be helping audiences worldwide. I had no idea I would be a published author to three books. I had no idea I would have my own podcast shows. I had no idea I would come up with an idea for a TV show and host it for three seasons.

Resilience was my second name, but at the time I did not give that a second thought. I had choices, and my choices were to work hard, set goals, and never, ever give up.

Change Our Life

If we truly want to change our life we can, and yes in some cases it will be more difficult than others, but it's well worth it I can definitely testify to that.Life was not meant to be easy, and yes, it is common to look at others and envy the life they have. But in reality we have no idea if someones life is perfect because they won the lottery, or they have a well paying job.

I chose to travel my own journey, and however long the path seemed to be, or whatever road blocks I came across, I knew I could do what I set out to do. I believed in myself, my family believed in me, and here I am today living a life that's not perfect, but it's a life I worked hard for.

You too can do the same, set goals, plan long and short terms goals, I know you can do it!