The Real Purpose Of Social Media In Business

When starting a business, you wouldn't give your heat and hydro a sales goal. That doesn't make sense does it? To say "Heat and hydro cost $350 per month, and therefore just by providing heat and hydro we should bring in $350 worth of business" is absolutely crazy. It misses every other part of business. 

You cannot be in business unless you have a product or service to sell: that is essential to business. Period. Every single business has a purpose, a problem to solve, a need or want to fulfill.

Press Release Motivational Steps

Patience is a Virtue

The purpose of this blog is to share my expertise, my challenges, my ups and my downs since starting my first business, Motivational Steps 16 years ago.

Patience has always been something I excel at, mostly because I have had no choice. One example would be when I was attending Sunnybrook Cancer Centre for my radiation the first time I was diagnosed with breast cancer. The shuttle bus would take us at 8am in the morning to the hospital if our treatment time was anywhere between 8.30 to 1pm so we had a lot of waiting around to do.


Diy Or Outsource: How Should I Handle My Payroll?

Running a growing business is a constant juggling act. Payroll is one of those tasks that you can’t neglect or ignore, not once you have staff.

Staff need to be paid on time and so does the government. Paying your team and the government on schedule is one of those recurring deadlines you can’t miss. Meeting payroll can be stressful, at least until cash flow is strong and steady. As well as physically having the cash to pay everyone, there’s a lot of paperwork which comes with the task of managing your own company's payroll.


3 Mistakes Small Business Owners Make...

that stop them from spending time with their families.

1. Limited networking events

2. 9 -5 mentality

3. No corporate accounts


I'm presenting at the SBCN Kid Friendly Networking Event in Kitchener, Ontario and I hope you are attending.

If not, this is a little tease as to what you are going to miss about my presentation :)


Digital Business Incompetence' Will Cause 1/4 Of Companies To Lose Competitive Ranking

Digital business incompetence' will cause 1/4 of companies to lose competitive ranking

A quarter of businesses will lose competitive ranking over the next few years because of “digital business incompetence,” according to research firm Gartner.


Based on a survey of 151 participants involved in digital business strategy, 90% said they thought competition for talent will make or break digital business success, Gartner says.

Taking Care Of You!

As busy small business owners, we forget to take care of ourselves while we are attending to our customers and managing our networking contacts. In order to stay healthy, it is important to pay attention to our health.  If we aren't healthy enough to work, chances are our business is going to suffer.

Some simple things to do despite your busy schedule can include some of the following:

Believe Me … Or Don'T

I am running a marathon… or at least I think.. last few months now… is it will or hope? The question I often ask myself!

I am actually running a marathon in the arctic, barefoot and shirtless.  When starting a new venture you analyze all and take risks… risks I took.

Small business is all about risk. Whether you quit your job to start a venture… or you build on it over time… to take the plunge, one thing is for certain… you made a choice and now you need to keep going!