3 Mistakes Small Business Owners Make...

that stop them from spending time with their families.

1. Limited networking events

2. 9 -5 mentality

3. No corporate accounts


I'm presenting at the SBCN Kid Friendly Networking Event in Kitchener, Ontario and I hope you are attending.

If not, this is a little tease as to what you are going to miss about my presentation :)


I believe we are all capable of having successful businesses without destroying our family life. Some business owners don't believe this so they limit their opportunity to grow their business in the shortest amount of time by balancing their business life so that it doesn't interfere with their kids or family life. I believe you can have it all; if you plan for it. 

THE #1 MISTAKE - small business owners limit their networking events so they can spend more time with their families

In order to have both a successful business and a thriving family life, it's important to increase your networking attendance. Limiting your involvement in networking events does not give you more time with the family in the long run because you work harder, become more stressed and it takes longer for success to occur. Let's face it - if you aren't out there when the rest of us are, talking and schmoozing with everyone, then you are missing out on that faster road to success.


THE #2 MISTAKE - small business owners have a 9-5 mentality

In order to get your business up and going quickly, you have to spend more than 8 hours a day on it. I hear a lot of new business owners thinking 'i don't want my business to overtake my life' so I will keep to a reasonable working schedule. If you wanted a 9-5 existence, you should have kept your job. The only way to be successful is to put the work into your business. You have to depend on YOU only to put food on the table for those little ones that you've brought into this world. Not only that, our businesses should give us the life  - holidays, private school, university tuition - we want, but we don't want to wait for years and years to get it.


THE #3 MISTAKE - small business owners don't have one or more corporate accounts 

If you could find one corporate account or more to provide revenues, it would stop the endless hours of searching for clients that have minimal financial resources to support your business. For instance, since I am a health practitioner, I can provide you with this example. Most small business health practitioners find one client at a time to fill their schedule. They might see that person once a week or twice a month. When you have 8 hours of appointments a day, with 40 hours of work a week, which is 160 hours a month - you would need - 160 clients that book one appointment a month, or 80 clients that book two appointments a month. What if you could find one client that has 200 or more potential people in one building to fill your practice every day?


Don't make these 3 mistakes!

See you at the event....

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