How will you reduce your risk?

10 key decisions for business owners

Key decision 5 - How will you reduce your risk?

As a business owner, you’ve worked hard to accumulate your assets, so it is important to take precautions to protect them from risk. Following are some strategies that may help.

Protect personal assets

Believe me … or DON'T

I am running a marathon… or at least I think.. last few months now… is it will or hope? The question I often ask myself!

I am actually running a marathon in the arctic, barefoot and shirtless.  When starting a new venture you analyze all and take risks… risks I took.

Small business is all about risk. Whether you quit your job to start a venture… or you build on it over time… to take the plunge, one thing is for certain… you made a choice and now you need to keep going!

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