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Patience is a Virtue

The purpose of this blog is to share my expertise, my challenges, my ups and my downs since starting my first business, Motivational Steps 16 years ago.

Patience has always been something I excel at, mostly because I have had no choice. One example would be when I was attending Sunnybrook Cancer Centre for my radiation the first time I was diagnosed with breast cancer. The shuttle bus would take us at 8am in the morning to the hospital if our treatment time was anywhere between 8.30 to 1pm so we had a lot of waiting around to do.

I would be delighted if you could read my Press Release to find out why my patience has paid off: thanks!


Starting a small business can be scary and in those first few months the planning and preparation can mean the difference between success and failure. Setting long and short term goals, and never giving up are also very important aspects of maintaining a successful business.

If we think the whole world is our target market and if we think we have to have everything happen at once, we will be very disappointed. Our skill set grows with time, our expertise becomes known and our credibility is accepted by others. 

Don't rush the process of starting your business, slow growth is better than instant growth for many reasons.