Believe Me … Or Don'T

I am running a marathon… or at least I think.. last few months now… is it will or hope? The question I often ask myself!

I am actually running a marathon in the arctic, barefoot and shirtless.  When starting a new venture you analyze all and take risks… risks I took.

Small business is all about risk. Whether you quit your job to start a venture… or you build on it over time… to take the plunge, one thing is for certain… you made a choice and now you need to keep going!

The Tale Of What We Measure: Bhutan, Gdp And The Riddle Of True Progress

Last week I was lucky enough to attend Ignite Waterloo, a lively and well-organized evening conference event which I would describe as TED on speed. Presenters each get five minutes only! Thirteen presenters dazzled us with their stories that evening.  Incidentally I absolutely recommend the Ignite experience - similar events are held all over!