Don'T Be Anti-Social In 2014

With Facebook having turned ten years old this month, it’s becoming harder to remember what the Internet was like before Social Media. Liking, Tweeting and Find us on Facebook are all terms that are now woven into our digital subconscious.


Social Media is something that most business owners are told “You need to be on it”. We disagree. Your business should be on a select few Social Networks that actually make sense for the type of business you’re in. At a high-level here are some things to help narrow your view:

Do You Know How To Showcase Your Expertise On-Line?

The Small Business Community Network (SBCN) has, for many years, offered the Members of the SBCN a chance to showcase their expertise via their blogs/articles, and more recently, videos, on the Home Page of the Small Business Community Network home page. That is quite an opportunity, and if you know anything about content marketing, or have read what Arriana Huffington has to say about sharing your content on line, you will definitely agree!

Branding Can Change The Country!

Bruce Mau Designs in conjunction with Studio 360 and Kurt Anderson, showcase how branding can change how a country is perceived. Branding, when done properly, can be incredibly powerful!

"Canada has an image problem in the US. When Americans think of Canada, stale and often cliché ideas come to mind; such as maple syrup, hockey, snow and lots of it. These images don’t pay homage to the intellectual, creative and social contributions that Canada makes as a country on a global scale. These clichés do not accurately depict the 21st Century Canada. 


Three Tips On Improving Your Written Business Communications

Proper grammar and spelling in daily business communication is unfortunately an often overlooked, essential tool. Many of the people you work with on a daily basis (such as your management, employees and even your customers) may judge your company's reputation based on the written documentation you provide to them. Failure to use proper grammar and spelling can quickly weaken your company's reputation and decrease your business success before you can blink an eye. Your current website or flyers might invite your current customers to visit your store or buy more goods and services. You don't want to risk not being understood by your target audience simply due to a lack of proper grammar and spelling! Even the Wall Street Journal wrote an article about "rampant illiteracy" in 2012:

But do not despair! We are here to provide you with three simple tips that can help you to improve your business communications: