Creating Logos With Negative Space



It’s hard to beat a clever use of negative space in logo design. Here are 35 or so logos that use white space well, along with the designers/agencies responsible.

Sometimes all it takes is a creative team, with a new set of eyes to help bring your logo to life! 



A.G. Low Construction logo design
A.G. Low Construction logo
By Rebecca Low

Martin Newcombe logo design
Martin Newcombe Property Maintenance logo
By buddy

Nexcite rabbit logo
Nexcite logo
By Amore
Via Blair Thomson

American Institute of Architects logo design
American Institute of Architects Center logo
By Pentagram

Ogden Plumbing logo design
Ogden Plumbing logo
By Astuteo

WWF logo design
By Sir Peter Scott, modified by Landor

FreemanWhite logo design
FreemanWhite logo
By Malcolm Grear Designers

Brand Union logo design
The Brand Union logo
By The Brand Union

Egg n Spoon logo
Egg n Spoon logo (same day couriers)
By Thoughtful

Human logo
Human logo
By Social UK

Dolphin House logo
Dolphin House logo
By Ico Design

Eaton logo
Eaton logo
By Lippincott (thanks, Brendan)

Elefont logo design
Elefont logo
By Logo Motive Designs

USA Network logo design
USA Network logo
By Sean Serio

CultureBus logo design
CultureBus logo
By Pentagram

Carrefour logo design
Carrefour logo
Original design examined by Miles Newlyn (thanks Rianna)

Henri Ehrhart logo design
Henri Ehrhart monogram (shameless)
View the design process on David Airey dot com

Sinkit logo design
Sinkit logo
By smashLAB

Guild of Food Writers logo design
Guild of Food Writers logo
By 300million

ED logo design
ED logo
By Gianni Bortolotti

Blade logo design
Blade logo
By Subversive Design

Premier Catering logo
Premier Catering logo
By Madhouse
Via Logolog

The Waterways Trust logo
The Waterways Trust logo
By Pentagram

FedEx logo design
FedEx logo
By Lindon Leader while at Landor

Knoll logo design
Knoll logo
By NB: Studio
Via Logolog

Ryan Biggs logo design
Ryan Biggs Associates logo
By id29

Hartford Whalers logo design
Hartford Whalers logo
By Cummings & Good (thanks, Jeff)

Conception logo design
Conception logo
By The Chase

Yoga Australia logo design
Yoga Australia logo
By Roy Smith Design

Hands On Network logo design
Hands On Network logo
By Duffy & Partners

MyFonts logo design
MyFonts logo
By Underware

Vanderbilt University logo design
Vanderbilt University logo
By Malcolm Grear Designers

Recycle Taiwan logo design
Recycle Taiwan logo
By do you know?

NBC logo design
NBC logo
By Steff Geissbuhler while at Chermayeff & Geismar

New Bedford Whaling Museum logo design
New Bedford Whaling Museum logo
By Malcolm Grear Designers

Mouse logo design
Mouse logo
By Johnson Banks