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The Small Business Community Network (SBCN) Small Biz Podcast. Featuring interviews with CEOs and other small business leaders, the latest new trends and tips for your successful business. Hosted by SBCN Co-Founder Linda Ockwell-Jenner, the SBCN Small Biz Podcast would be of interest to people thinking about starting a small business, or small business owners who want valuable insights for growth.

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Professional Virtual Networking: Getting Yourself Heard

They say the secret to a good video, is great audio. Sound quality goes a long way to promoting our professional image in a virtual networking situation. You don’t need to spend lots of money to get excellent results. We’ll look at some options to help your sound… sound great.

Small Business Myths

Join SBCN Co-Founders Linda and Dave Ockwell-Jenner as they explore the top three small business myths from their 17+ years experience with businesses at the SBCN.


SBCN Co-Founders Linda and Dave Ockwell-Jenner team up for the latest episode of the SBCN Small Biz Podcast. Today's topic is spyware - software designed to spy on you. With so many events going virtual on Zoom we specifically ask the question: is Zoom spyware?

Professional Virtual Networking: Your video background sucks; top tips for a sensational background

Is your background helping or hindering your image at virtual networking events? What’s behind you is sometimes just as important as you! Here are our tips for making your backgrounds stand out… in a good way. We’ll look at distractions, banners and virtual background and where’s best to conduct your video calls from.

Professional Virtual Networking: The best camera tips for a dazzling video call

Your audience sees what the camera sees, so how can we make sure that’s the very best version of ourselves? Join us as we take a closer look at the view from your camera. What’s the best type of camera to use? How should we position the camera to get the best results?

Your Business Strategy

Linda Ockwell-Jenner shares more small business insight. Today's episode looks at branding as part of an overall business strategy.

Referrals: Trust & Reputation

Host of the SBCN Small Biz Podcast, Linda Ockwell-Jenner, returns to talk about a very important topic: referrals, and how they interact with trust and reputation.

Interview with Crystal Remillard

Crystal Remillard from Red and White Realty, Inc. joins Linda Ockwell-Jenner for a chat on what makes Crystal's approach unique.

Vittoria Trinchi, Homewood Suites

In our latest episode we welcome Vittoria Trinchi from Homewood Suites, part of the Hilton group of hotels. Vittoria speaks with Linda Ockwell-Jenner about career growth in hospitality.

Marketing with Todd

Todd Foster from Canadian National Mortgage Corp. rejoined Linda Ockwell-Jenner for our SBCN Small Biz Perspectives video series. Listen to the discussion here.