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The Small Business Community Network (SBCN) Small Biz Podcast. Featuring interviews with CEOs and other small business leaders, the latest new trends and tips for your successful business. Hosted by SBCN Co-Founder Linda Ockwell-Jenner, the SBCN Small Biz Podcast would be of interest to people thinking about starting a small business, or small business owners who want valuable insights for growth.

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Interview with Jeremy Travers

Linda is joined by Jeremy Travers of JT Productions, focusing primarily on video production for weddings, product advertisements and more. Always being at home with a camera, Jeremy shares his perspectives on story telling through this visual medium.

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Download: Audio icon Episode 164.mp3

Interview with Bill Waters Part 2

Bill Waters is back to join Linda Ockwell-Jenner to discuss his current venture: Xtreme Eco an innovative new product that changes the way many household products are consumed. In this second part, Bill and Linda cover the road to launching this new product and the lessons learned along the way.

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Download: Audio icon Episode 163.mp3

Interview with Bill Waters

SBCN Co-Founder Linda Ockwell-Jenner is joined by serial entrepreneur Bill Waters. Having been involved with many different businesses, Bill has some terrific views on what it takes to be a success, with refreshing honesty. Find out how Bill's current venture includes a former NHL hockey player. We also learn about the value of networking between communities.

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Download: Audio icon Episode 162.mp3

Introducing our Podcast Sponsor

We’re delighted to welcome the new sponsor of the SBCN Small Biz Podcast: Brad Poulos. As an expert on running a fully operational small business (he literally wrote the book on it) there’s no better person to feature on the podcast.

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Download: Audio icon Episode 161.mp3

Real Estate Misconceptions

Realtor Ashley Close returns to talk about Real Estate Misconceptions with SBCN Co-Founder Linda Ockwell-Jenner. When is the right time to sell you home, or to make that purchase of your dream home? How do you find the right mortgage product for you?

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Download: Audio icon Episode 160.mp3

Interview with Glenn Poulos

In today's episode, Linda is joined by Glenn Poulos, Co-Founder, VP & GM of Gap Wireless Inc. a leading distributor of products and services for the mobile broadband and wireless markets. Listen to hear Glenn's perspectives on the importance of meeting customers face-to-face.  Award Winning Author of Never Sit in the Lobby

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Download: Audio icon Episode 159.mp3

Interview with Peter Piluk

Linda is joined today by Pathway’s Peter Piluk - an Ontario based company providing bookkeeping, accounting and other services. Many people don’t have a great understanding of their business numbers, which means they might be missing some key opportunities.

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Download: Audio icon Episode 158.mp3

Being Unique

Small business isn’t all “fun and making lots of money” - it’s hard work. Linda Ockwell-Jenner is joined by one of the hardest working ‘First Lady of Networking’ to talk about being unique. As we mature should we embrace our uniqueness?

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Download: Audio icon Episode 157.mp3

Interview with Brad Poulos

Linda Ockwell-Jenner is joined by Brad Poulos - a lecturer at the Ted Rogers School of Management Entrepreneurship at Toronto Metropolitan University (TMU). From being a technical trainer, to CEO of a public company and everything in between, Brad has a fascinating and passionate approach to business.

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Download: Audio icon Episode 156.mp3

The Business of Cars

Linda Ockwell-Jenner is joined by Theresa Ullyot, a Waterloo-based Automotive Sales Specialist with Canada Cars. As a small business owner herself, Theresa has turned her experiences to help other business owners find their idea vehicles. There’s even a special deal for SBCN members!

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Download: Audio icon Episode 155.mp3