Networking, Why Do It? What is Networking ?

Discovering that I could network from the comfort of my home in the early days of my business was quite wonderful for me. Not only was I nervous about going out into the world of business networking, I had no idea which networking events would work for me and how much money I should pay for these events. I am a firm believe that market research helps anyone who takes the time to do it. Because I wanted to know how many other professional speakers were out there, especially on the internet, I decided to do some digging.

A New Year, A New Opportunity for my Business!

Well 2008 is almost upon us and here I sit on New Years Eve day working on how to increase my client base, how to attract potential clients and general day to day stuff that business owners all have to deal with. When I founded Motivational Steps I knew that I would be working 24/7 some days in order to succeed. As the years have passed I now work smarter, instead of harder and find that being organized definitely helps in my quest to keep the scales even in my work/life balance.

SBCN Christmas Social Event

Well folks, it's once again coming close to the holiday season... that also means it's almost time for the SBCN Christmas Social networking event! This 4th annual event is a chance for our members and welcome guests to celebrate the business year just gone as well as the bright future ahead.

This year, our event will be held on Thursday December 13th at East Side Marios on King St. N. in Waterloo. It's perhaps fitting that we celebrate our small business successes in the largest East Side Marios in the world!

Stay tuned for more details shortly.

Local author signing copies of her book - find out who she is here!

Linda Ockwell-Jenner, local author, will be signing copies of the 2nd Edition of her book, A Life Like  Mine at Household China & Gifts, which is located at 300 King St. N. Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. Come along on Saturday 13th October, 11am until 3pm and help promote breast cancer awareness! A portion of the proceeds from the sale of Linda's book will be donated to help breast cancer research.  Linda is a professional speaker,author and business development consultant. More information  can be found about her if you visit 

Why Me? October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month - Be Aware, Show You Care!

Devils Night, October 30th, 1997 - a memory that will live with me forever, when I was diagnosed with breast cancer for the first time. Friday 13th, 2000, is when I had my double mastectomy; almost 3 years after finding a lump in my left breast and surviving. I counted down the days, weeks, months and years to reach that magical 5 years. I found a lump in my right breast 2 years short of my goal. Not so scared this time, able to deal with this diagnosis in a more matter of fact way, been here before, I can do this!

Need Some IT Help?

From time to time, we all need a little assistance with the ever complex IT equipment we need to run our business. However we need to be sure we can rely on the services of a trusted partner to help keep things running.

The following CBC Marketplace video shows that some of the 'well known' experts sometimes don't always get things right.

Of course, if you're looking for some trusted advice, why not check out our Members Directory, where you'll find several small businesses from our own community!

Small Business Showcase - Exhibition Tables are SOLD OUT!

Come and support your fellow small business owners, area entrepreneurs and established business leaders at the Small Business Showcase - a Bridges to Better Business event sponsored by the Small Business Community Network (SBCN). Exhibition tables are sold out, members of the public are welcome!

Wednesday October 3rd
2pm - 6pm
The Rotunda @ Kitchener City Hall

For more information contact Linda Ockwell-Jenner at (519) 893-1598

PINK, PINK, PINK, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

The 1st October is here, Breast Cancer Awareness month is here! Please promote awareness and wear something Pink for the month of October. Guys and Gals, boys and girls be aware and show you care. This terrible disease claims the lives of many women  and even men. We are getting  closer to a cure, day by day, but awareness is still vital if more lives are to be saved. Because more women and men are looking for changes in their body more frequently and are not scared to go to a doctor if they feel they have a health challenge more lives are being saved.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

October is my birthday month and also the month I was first diagnosed with breast cancer, 30 October, 1997. Not only the night before Haloween but also considered Devils night, when evil is out in force and does lots of damage.In real terms children egg cars and houses and do naughty things like that.