The Record's "Reader's Select Awards"

The Record is currently running a contest that allows you to vote for your favourite business/restaurant/whatever. You can vote online by visiting or to go directly, click here.

They seem to have covered many business types, but not all of them. i.e. "Home Decor Store", but not "Interior Decorator", and (if I may address my own category) "Computer Store", but not "On-Site Computer Service".

If Architects had to work like Web Designers

Several SBCN members perform web design services for clients -- I've occasionally done so myself. I came across an article today that typifies the difficulty in being a web designer: by looking at it in the context of an Architect, instead.

Unfortunately, the server hosting the article is running slowly, so here is the text...

Tanya Riemann, of Platypi Designs, awarded Chamber President's Plaque

Wednesday June 13th 2007 marked the 8th annual gala of the Guelph Awards of Excellence. It was a fantastic evening to celebrate many individuals and businesses that give back to their community.  Platypi Designs is proud to announce that Tanya Riemann was the recipient of the Guelph Chamber of Commerce President`s Plaque for Exemplary Service for 2007.

Face Lift for Your Home

Written by SBCN member Maureen Rich...

By choosing the right selection of colours, you can draw attention to some wonderful architecture features of your home.

Tuesday June 26th - Successful local business owners share the SECRET of SUCCESS...

Authoring in Business - Successful local business owners share the secrets to boosting your business by becoming an author. Linda Ockwell-Jenner and Jane Orend offer you this chance to do what they did, discover the SECRET of SUCCESS! Come along and discover what you really need to know, registration costs $20 and includes a choice of complimentary book written by Linda or Jane! Tuesday June 26th, 2 pm to 3 pm Zehrs Community Room, Stanley Park Mall, Kitchener.

How to Create a Buzz for your Product or Service....

Have you ever wondered why Apple  Inc. are so successful? I do not think there is one person on this plant who has not heard of Apple Mac Computers or IPods, or now, more exciting than ever the new Apple Iphone. The  buzz going around is that even though few people have actually seen the new Apple IPhone everyone wants to buy it. The secret of this success, I believe is beautifully designed products. They look good, they feel good and by jove they are good.

Information, Inspiration, Innovation

Presented by the Waterloo Region Small Business Centre: this event is to inform, inspire & drive innovation for business women, entrepreneurs, and community leaders of today and tomorrow.

The event runs Thursday September 20th at the Waterloo Inn. Full details are available in the attached flyer, or call (519) 741 2604.

Authoring in Business - Share our Secrets....

Authoring in Business


Successful local business owners share the secrets to boosting your business by becoming an author. Tuesday June 26th 2pm-3pm with Jane Orend and Linda Ockwell-Jenner. $20 admission includes free book! More info and to register, call (519) 893-1598.

Stanley Park Mall - Zehrs Community Room
1005 Ottawa Street North
(Corner Ottawa St. & River Rd.)
N2A 1H1

Good Security? Good Business!

I just finished reading this article on the BBC News web site. A study conducted by Carnegie Mellon concluded:

People will pay more for goods if a website does a good job of protecting their privacy.

Wow... so protecting information within your company is not only great to keep you out of the news for the wrong reasons, but it actually allows you to boost your revenue. Now who would have thought?

Improving your PowerPoint Presentations - part 2

Hot on the heels of some ways in which PowerPoint should not be used, let's take a look at a really great innovation in using PowerPoint.

Dick Hardt is the founder and CEO of Sxip Identity and proponent of the evolution of Identity Management. He gave a now very famous presentation at OSCON 2005 in which he really used PowerPoint to make his presentation uniquely memorable.

Check out the presentation at the Identity 2.0 web site.