SBCN Small Biz Podcast

The Small Business Community Network (SBCN) Small Biz Podcast. Featuring interviews with CEOs and other small business leaders, the latest new trends and tips for your successful business. Hosted by SBCN Co-Founder Linda Ockwell-Jenner, the SBCN Small Biz Podcast would be of interest to people thinking about starting a small business, or small business owners who want valuable insights for growth.

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Politically Correct in Business

Host Linda Ockwell-Jenner shares a few thoughts on how we must sometimes engage a degree of political correctness in order to get ahead in our businesses.

New Year Planning

Now is the perfect time to indulge in some planning for 2013. Find out why and how you should go about this, with SBCN Co-Founder Linda Ockwell-Jenner.

Endorsements on LinkedIn

Linda Ockwell-Jenner talks about the latest feature on LinkedIn: Endorsements. Find out if these are something you should focus on in building your online network with LinkedIn.

Interview: Matt Inglot, Tilted Pixel

SBCN Co-Founder Linda Ockwell-Jenner chats with Matt Inglot, owner of Tilted Pixel - a local web site design and development company in Waterloo Region, Ontario. Listen to some fascinating perspectives on running a successful small business and tips you can use from Matt's experiences.

Interview: Sandra Dietz, VocaLinks

Linda Ockwell-Jenner interviews Sandra Dietz from VocaLinks.

Plan to Succeed & Plan Not to Fail

Too often than not small biz owners, who have a remarkable business offering, loads of motivation and are keen to work hard give up after a couple of years, when they deem their business failed. Find out why this shouldn't be the case, and what you can do to avoid the situation.

Business Foundations

SBCN Co-Founder, Linda Ockwell-Jenner, talks about the importance of building strong business foundations to help you when you enter the world of networking.


Welcome to the first episode of the SBCN Podcast. In this episode, SBCN Co-Founder Linda Ockwell-Jenner introduces us to the SBCN and a little of our history.