Trek Enjoys a Day Off at the RIM Company Picnic

After the reporters left me and Trek in peace we had a quiet moment together and vowed never to be parted again! Trek would become my shadow, where I went he would be there beside me. As a treat Trek came to my husbands company picnic on Sunday at Bingemans Water Park. We had to smuggle him in as we only had enough tickets for ourselves and two of our children.

Company Director Reinstated by Motivational Steps

Trek was quite the hero when the reporters were accusing me of being a poor example to him. He read from a prepared press release he had in his briefcase "When Ms Ockwell-Jenner took me along to the beer festival she did not know that I was actually an undercover agent for Bears R Us, which is an organization dedicated to ensuring the safety of entrepeneurs, such as Ms Ockwell-Jenner, the owner and founder of Motivational Steps. There are people out there who try to discredit small business owners in any way they can.

Trek Redeems Himself!

As Trek waved goodbye and walked out of my office I felt a twinge of sadness, my Bear of Hope was leaving me, I would be lonely again, what would I do without him. As I sat thinking about what I would do without Trek I heard a commotion outside and decided to go and investigate. There were at least 40 reporters outside and they were all talking at once and asking where I was. Evidently they all thought I was a bad employer for allowing my Company Director to fall prey to beer and that I had set a poor example to Trek by taking him to the Beer Festival.

A Hungover Trek - Company Director Disgraces Motivational Steps

The paparazzi were out in full force at the Festival, one click of the camera and there it was a photo of my new Company Director, face down on the table,empty beer glass with Elvis looking on! What a disgrace to Motivational Steps, how would I ever be able to redeem my good name I asked myself as I scooped Trek into my purse and we drove home. Trek had quite a hangover the day after his disgraceful behaviour and I decided there was nothing else I could do but dispense with his services.

Feeling Lonely in my Home Office

Hi - my name is Linda Ockwell-Jenner and when I decided to take the step of becoming a sole-proprietor and founded Motivational Steps almost 5 years ago I had an idea I would feel lonely working from home. I was proved right,but recently I acquired a new friend, who was willing to become my company director, and when I say company I mean "company" in the sense my new friend actually does keep me company! My new friend is called Trek the Hope Bear and I found him quite by accident when I was in a store discussing a fashion show I am organizing.

Oktoberfest Idol, Alisha Nauth singing at Runway for the Cure

Local Oktoberfest Idol winner, Alisha Nauth, will be singing live at the Runway For The Cure fashion show event on September 11th. The Small Business Community Network is a sponsor of this event, aimed at raising awareness of Breast Cancer.

Geek to Live: Top 10 free and cheap productivity tools

I just read this excellent blog entry that lists 10 great tips to help you be more productive. These certainly apply to Small Business owners such as ourselves, so take a look! Some of the items on the list may seem like common-sense, but a few will surprise you, I'm sure.

If you have some hints not on the list, why not share them with us - leave a comment! 

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