Motivational Steps Offers Web Seminars

Motivational Steps will soon be offering on-line Web Seminars allowing you to benefit from our expertise from the comfort of your own home or office. Why wait for a conference for your chance to experience Linda Ockwell-Jenner's presentations? Avoid the inconvenience and extra expense of travel and let Linda come to you via the Internet.

Need some e-tips?

E–Biz Boot Camp -

Join the millions of Canadians who are doing business online! Entrepreneurs looking to start a new e-business or rejuvenate an existing website have the opportunity to enroll in a four-part training workshop presented by the Waterloo Region Small Business Centre and Student Connections.  

YWCA International Women's Day 2008

The SBCN's own Linda Ockwell-Jenner is headlining the YWCA International Women's Day 2008 in Cambridge, Ontario. Read the flyer for more details.

Check Out My Letter to the Editor in the Record Newspaper Online - Opinions Section

What do you think about the current debate concerning whether or not schools in Ontario should vote for mandatory school uniforms? You may think this is not a question you need to answer, especially if you do not have children in school. Think again, think about the violence in our schools, that touches everyones lives. Think about security in our schools,think about safety. By showing solidarity and voting YES we can be sure we have stood together and helped our schools become safer places. Read my letter to the Editor in the Records Newspaper online.

Networking is Forever..........

As I said before networking is essential in every way in order to build relationships and keep in contact with potential clients and future prospects. Once we have a database of contacts there is little point stopping at that and never networking again. I recently joined LinkedIn in case you want to check out my profile. My husband, Dave, suggested this was a good networking opportunity that I can utilize from the comfort of my office.

Join us on LinkedIn

Are you making the Internet work for you when it comes to networking? LinkedIn is a network of over 17 million people from across 150 industries -- using the power of the web to connect people in your professional network. Need a plumber, an IT pro or an interior decorator? Find them within your extended network.

The Small Business Community Network has now launched a group on LinkedIn. This means that you can sign-up for free (if you haven't already done so) and join our LinkedIn group.

Come join us:

Why Did I Decide to Start my Own Business Networking Group?

The answer to why I decided to start my own business networking group is easy. I saw a need for a networking group that was affordable, friendly and offered an educational element, such as expert speakers each month. I knew that my target market was either people who were thinking about starting a small business , or people who had already started a small business and wanted to enter the world of networking in  a safe environment.

When Good Web Sites Go Bad

As small business owners, a web site is critical for many of us. But what happens when your web site inadvertently gets hijacked to attack it's visitors? As devious as this sounds, it's happening.

My first attempt at networking at the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers

As I walked towards the registration desk my tummy had butterflies, but then I recognized Adele Alfano the speaker who had invited me to a chapter meeting for CAPS. Adele was so friendly and welcoming and introduced me to mostly everyone at the meeting that evening. I was so grateful  to her for her kindness and, from that minute, I knew I would take a tip from Adele and treat others as she had treated me. I enjoyed my first networking event at CAPS and decided a few months later to join as a professional member as I could see the benefits of membership.