Canadian Cultural Connection™ Inc (CCC) is currently seeking a Strategic Business Alliance with Canadian women entrepreneurs. This strategic business alliance would enable women owned and operated businesses large and small to be involved in a Canadian travel initiative created exclusively for the citizens of this country.

2nd Edition of a Life Like Mine available to pre-order!

For those of you who have purchased my book, A Life Like Mine, I would like to extend a heartfelt "Thank You". I know you have enjoyed my story because of the feedback I have been receiving. For those of you who were disappointed when the 1st Edition sold out, good news - you can pre-order the 2nd Edition by emailing For a limited time period anyone who pre-orders, A Life Like Mine can purchase it at the special discounted price of $20, shipping extra.

SBCN - Excellent Resource for Students!

The Small Business Community Network Group is an excellent resource for many people.

As the founder of the SBCN I would like to encourage students to come along and use the resources of the group. You will find many people at the meetings who can offer free advice, answer questions on business challenges and growth and also find mentors to help you.

Time To Update Your Browser?

For many people, the web browser is an almost transparent part of their computer. To most, it's "how they access the Internet", but it's really just another software application like Microsoft Word, or a database package.

Podcasting, the Way to Go!

Want to know how to gain more exposure for your business? Looking for ways to market your business without spending too much money and reach a global community of potential customers? Why not enter the world of Podcasting..yes Podcasting. It has nothing to do with the IPod, so stop thinking you have to rush out and buy an IPod. On the other hand I do like IPods so buying one would not be such a bad idea.

Take a Rest - Without feeling Guilty!

Today is Wednesay October 25th and I am struggling to keep up with my work and I know deep down I will feel guilty later on in the day if I give up and take a rest. As the founder of Motivational Steps I have faced many challenges in my business and personal life over the past few years. In fact, my business only came to be because I had made the decision to go back to school after having both my breasts removed due to breast cancer for the second time.

Platypi Designs receives Outstanding Customer Service Award

On October 17, 2006 at the Bridges for Better Business Awards Reception the Outstanding Customer Service Award 2006 was presented to Platypi Designs.
In the photo above Tanya Riemann of Platypi Designs received the award from Frank Valeriote of Smith Valeriote. Guelph-Wellington Business Enterprise Centre were the event organizers and Smith Valeriote was the Customer Service Award sponsor.

RFID privacy and security article published in Stepping Stone

The below article was recently published in Linda Ockwell-Jenner's Stepping Stone newsletter issue 39. The "Remove before washing" tag on the inside of your new sweater, the special key that is needed to start your car, and the dashboard mounted device that lets you use the fast lane, these are examples of Radio Tags. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), or Radio Tags, are an automatic identification technology, used in similar applications as bar

Scott Hache - Platinum Synergy Group Inc - Speaker on Tuesday 17th October at the SBCN Meeting

Come along and see how this presentation can help your business. Registration 7 p.m. meet and greet until 7.30. Ask Scott questions after the presentation, meeting finishes at 9 p.m. Refreshments and Prize Draw! Members $5 - Guests $10.

How to make your Small Business Work Online: