SBCN Goes Pink For October!

The Small Business Community Network has gone pink for October! Countless web sites across the Internet are turning their pages pink in support of Breast Cancer Awareness month.

You can find out more at:

Communitech Chapter 4

Communitech is offering its popular Chapter 4 networking sessions as part of Entrepreneur Week on October 5th. You can register for these free sessions, held in the ballroom at Bingemans, via the Communitech web site.

This is a great chance to network with other entrepreneurs in the area and get tips and advice from industry experts in the fields of:

  • Sales & Marketing
  • Human Resources
  • Legal & Accounting
  • Funding & Finance
  • Business Management & Leadership

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month....but....

Please do not get into the frame of mind that breast cancer only occurs in the month of October. There are so many awareness initiatives out there these days it is hard to realise that real people actually go through the challenges of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and other such health challenges. Sometimes we get so tied up in al the initiatives out there to raise awareness or fundraise we forget why we started in the first place.

Fashion Show a Success - Awareness is Vital for all Health Challenges...

Well I can sigh with relief, the fashion show I co-chaired with Melissa my daughter is over! What a success it was, almost 500 tickets sold, the first event Melissa and I had ever attempted and the praise in emails or telephone calls keeps coming. Obviously we did not arrange this fashion show for praise but I believe everyone likes a thank you or a pat on the back indicating a job well done. The Runway for the Cure: Our Vision of Hope was a new initiative bringing awareness about Breast Cancer to the publics attention during Think Pink Week here in Ontario ,Canada.

CIBC Run For The Cure 2006

The CIBC Run For The Cure in the KW area will be held at Bingemans on Sunday October 1st.

For more details, visit their web site.

Hospice Association of Ontario -How You Can Help!

Hospices provide emotional, psychological, and spiritual support to help people with terminal illnesses to live at home or in a home-like setting as fully and as comfortably as possible.

Volunteer Position: UNICEF Speaker’s Bureau

UNICEF Canada supports a national education program to engage Canadian educators and young people in understanding, responding to, and taking action for children’s rights and global development. Speakers educate the public about global issues and UNICEF’s work for the world’s children and issue a call to action for people to get involved with UNICEF through volunteering or fundraising initiatives.

All is Revealed - Trek the Hope Bear is actually a....

Bear...yes he is. I thought to myself a few weeks ago I am always required to be motivational, and serious and know all the correct answers and, guess what? I too like to be silly and let my hair down, have a laugh. As most of you know who either receive my monthly digest, Stepping Stone, or who have read my book, A Life Like Mine, I am a two time breast cancer survivor. The second time I was diagnosed with breast cancer in August 2000 I received the news with acceptance.

15 Year-Old Revolutionizes the Business World

This may have passed you by, but the business world has been turned upside-down so completely, that we're seeing entirely new business models emerge. Not only that, but the very way we do business has been revolutionized.

Curiously, this enormous change has been brought about by a 15 year-old!

On August 6th, 1991 - a fellow at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) posted a message to USENET, the Internet's message board, introducing his ideas for a new information system. The person: Tim Berners-Lee, his project: the World-Wide-Web!

Trek - my Hero

I arrived at the Police Station and was shown into a holding cell where my poor little Bear of Hope, Trek, was sitting all alone looking very sad indeed. A Police officer told me that Trek had been given a stern telling off for scaring a woman whom I knew to be a business rival. When I asked what had happened Trek told me that he had gone to see the woman because he suspected the Honey she gave him and which I ate, had been posioned. He had tried to get the woman to eat some of the honey that was left in the jar and when she refused he decided to trick her into eating it.