Trek - my Hero

I arrived at the Police Station and was shown into a holding cell where my poor little Bear of Hope, Trek, was sitting all alone looking very sad indeed. A Police officer told me that Trek had been given a stern telling off for scaring a woman whom I knew to be a business rival. When I asked what had happened Trek told me that he had gone to see the woman because he suspected the Honey she gave him and which I ate, had been posioned. He had tried to get the woman to eat some of the honey that was left in the jar and when she refused he decided to trick her into eating it.

Was I poisioned, or is it just a coincidence, Trek investigates!

I woke up this morning with a funny tummy ache and I felt sick. Trek, my Company Director, the Bear of Hope, suggested that I may have eaten something that did not agree with my digestive system. After going over everything I ate the only thing we came up with that I ate that was different to my normal diet was - honey - the same honey that had been left just outside my home office front door.

Trek goes missing, turns up for work late, helps balance my work day.

Wow, Wednesday already, I am so busy with Motivational Steps normal engagements, keynotes and workshops, but recently I have gained more clients who engage me as their life or business coach. I am also planning a second book, part of the title will be "Have you read the script dear"? My book is a manual for Men who seem to say the wrong thing or not say anything at all when their significant other is really looking for an honest answer. Reading "the script" will definitely help all the men out there!

Bribes, Jibes and Fashion Shows

Well, having a Company Director means never a dull moment in my home office, or anywhere else for that matter! Trek seems to be settling in nicely, Motivational Steps definitely finds him an asset. As you all know Trek became my Company Director because I was so lonely working in my home office and it is not always possible to be out and about meeting clients or networking. Trek is really good "Company". Trek is proving a useful addition and is really into media and attracting attention for Motivational Steps.

Stacey Englehart from CHYM will be MC at Runway For the Cure Fashion Show!

Tickets for the Runway for the Cure: Our Vision of Hope fashion show to be held on Monday evening 11th September, 2006 at Bingemans Conference Centre are now on sale at CIBC branches and Bingemans priced at $20. Stacey Englehart from CHYM is on board as MC, a past Oktoberfest Idol, Alisha Nauth will be singing and a $500 gift certificate is one of the door prizes. Support this wonderful event in support of all the people in your life who have been touched by breast cancer!

Healthy Competition

I just came across an exerpt from the book Flight of the Buffalo [Belasco/Stayler] in one of my e-mails this morning:

Member Blogs now Live!

We are pleased to offer all our Small Business Community Network members their own blog!

If you login to the site, you'll notice a new link under your username, allowing you to start blogging. We're also featuring the latest blog posting right on our home page, giving you even more visbility. And of course, all our blogs are searchable from our site.

Beware your Microsoft Office Attachments

Several years ago, it was popular amongst virus writers to use Microsoft Office documents (Word, Excel and PowerPoint files, etc.) to cause you problems. Fortunately, the Anti-Virus companies have largely made these viruses a thing to be forgotten as they protect us against these so-called Macro Viruses.

Trek Enjoys a Day Off at the RIM Company Picnic

After the reporters left me and Trek in peace we had a quiet moment together and vowed never to be parted again! Trek would become my shadow, where I went he would be there beside me. As a treat Trek came to my husbands company picnic on Sunday at Bingemans Water Park. We had to smuggle him in as we only had enough tickets for ourselves and two of our children.

Company Director Reinstated by Motivational Steps

Trek was quite the hero when the reporters were accusing me of being a poor example to him. He read from a prepared press release he had in his briefcase "When Ms Ockwell-Jenner took me along to the beer festival she did not know that I was actually an undercover agent for Bears R Us, which is an organization dedicated to ensuring the safety of entrepeneurs, such as Ms Ockwell-Jenner, the owner and founder of Motivational Steps. There are people out there who try to discredit small business owners in any way they can.