Security Is Serious For Your Business

Did you know that industry compliance regulations exists for companies dealing with credit card and personally identifiable information? This article helps outline why security is important no matter the size of your business. Naturally, Solar Nexus Solutions is there to help you understand the risks to your business and how to protect your reputation on-line.

Article follows...

Take Security Seriously... first printed The Record Newspaper - Letter to the Editor

In recent weeks I have noticed a lot of news centered around computer security and the security of personal information, including credit cards and debit cards belonging to members of the public who shop on-line and in stores generally.

We have to think about this security the same as we would security linked to our homes, offices and automobiles. If we are sensible we lock our cars, we lock our front doors and office doors and, hopefully have security in place in the form of burglar alarms and passes that have to be swiped to enter office buildings in order for us to gain entrance to our place of work.

Unfortunately, people who own home computers, and more importantly, corporations, businesses etc sometimes fail to lock their computers. There are security controls out there for this purpose but laziness, lack of knowledge and a choice not to spend the money often puts important data and information at risk.

Guelph Chamber of Commerce Tabletop Tradeshow in April 2007

The Guelph Chamber of Commerce is holding their annual Tabletop Tradeshow. 

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