Supporting a Good Cause

The SBCN is pleased to be making a donation to this years Stroll for Liver event.

Many of you have enjoyed the Beehive Game being hosted by Michael Fletcher of Neworld Coaching. Please see the note below from Michael's wife: Dawn, who is raising money as part of this wonderful event...

Rich Interiors: Spring / Summer Newsletter

If you haven't yet checked-out the newsletter from Rich Interiors... why not? Operated by the SBCN's very own Maureen Rich, her newsletter is your premier source for interior design tips! Read the Spring/Summer 2007 issue of her newsletter, by checking out the attachment below...

We Pay You to Eat! Find out More...

Posted on behalf of Carol LaRue...

My name is Carol and I work for ACCE, a market research company located on Dunwin Drive in Mississauga. We have been in business for over 20 years and are proud to say we were named Small Business of the Year 2006 by the Mississauga Board of Trade.

A Life Like Mine - 2nd Edition - selling out fast!

Why not purchase a copy of my book, A Life Like Mine, and see what all the buzz is about! A Life Like Mine is now into the 2nd edition and my story inspires people all over the world to take action, move on with their life and know that they can get through their challenges. My famous 6 Steps are included in the book, a valuable tool that you can use anywhere, at any time to deal with challenges in your life. A Life Like Mine will make you laugh, make you think and you may shed a tear or too.

6 STEPS - do they work?

As the founder of Motivational Steps and the creator of the 6 STEPS I know they work! You may ask yourself how? When I first used the 6 Steps I was going through the challenge of breast cancer and receiving radiation treatment at Sunnybrook Hospital in Toronto. With lots of time on my hands and not much to do other than worry, stress out or cry I decided to do something to help myself and also get me through these dark days.

Check out the SBCN Members Directory - find a business you can trust!

The Small Business Community Network Group has an excellent resource in the form of a Members Directory. The members of the SBCN are all valuable members of the community, trusted and well liked. Referrals pass from member to member and support is a top priority at the SBCN network group. Check out our Members Directory and find a the business you want to do business with!

Linda Ockwell-Jenner: Book Signing

I will be selling signed copies of the 2nd Edition of my book: A Life Like Mine, at the Coles bookstore in Fairview Park Mall, Kitchener on Saturday May 12th.

This recently revised edition contains additional content and makes an excellent gift for Mother's Day!

Take the opportunity to grab a copy of A Life Like Mine at a special price and you could win a FREE copy of my new CD!

SBCN in Exchange Magazine

The Small Business Community Network was featured in the latest issue of Exchange magazine. In an article written by Jane Orend and featuring Linda Ockwell-Jenner, the SBCN is promoted as a great start to business networking.

Check out the article on pages 12 and 13.

Technology - What Happens When it Fails?

In the world we live in today we cannot cope without all the new technology out there. Computers for instance, if they stop working what do we do? Well, once we have stopped screaming and shouting at the monitor, and hoping a technical support person will pop out and magically resolve our problem we face the facts. Until the computer has been fixed we may have to resort to using a telephone to connect with people.