The Small Business Show

Becoming a Motivational Speaker

I began my life as a business owner by becoming a motivational speaker. Having no business or corporate background I was a complete newbie. The year was 2000, and I began my speaking career at the school where I was just about to start a 1 year course, with the goal of becoming a Secretary, the job I had since leaving school when I lived in the UK. I gave that job up to become a full time Mother, eventually having four children and I loved every minute of being a stay at home Mum. Motivational Steps is entering our 19th year.

After emigrating to Canada, and many challenges including cancer 3 times, divorce, almost losing my home and a second husband who is my soul-mate becoming a motivational speaker was a big surprise to me, but I was obviously born to do it!

Workshops & Business Consulting

When I became a paid motivational speaker 19 years ago I realised I need to add to my portfolio, so I also offered workshops and business consulting.

Podcasts & Videos

A few years later I became a podcast, and still offer Motivational Moments and a few years after that I started my own YouTube channel.

A Published Author

I have written and published three books, all of which are available on Amazon

The Small Business Community Network (SBCN)

Three years after I started operating as the President of Motivational Steps I co-founded a business networking organization which will be celebrating 16 years this November, 2019.

Creating my Own Television Show

I wanted to reach a diverse and wider audience so came up with the idea of hosting my own TV Show.

That TV Show, The Small Business Show, is now entering its 3rd Season on Rogers TV Channel 20, and I am so very proud and happy I reached yet another goal and one I am very passionate about. The show is a success because I have a very large network of professional, trusted, successful people who were happy to be invited on my show. My guests share many takeaways for our viewers who might be thinking about starting a business or are experiencing struggles to grow their business, as an example.

Whats Next?

I am working on a few things, but as yet they are under wraps, I love to work I love to help people and I love to travel, all of the things I do, I am truly blessed.