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Owner and Founder
Bridge n Brighten
548 Red River Drive
N2T 2B7
Tel: 519-505-1973
Mobile: 519-505-1973
We offer services for lonely or isolated people and caregivers. We offer friendly visits, wellness-safety check-ins, coordination of services for care-receivers and their families, tablet loaners with delivery and training, tech support and tech activities, and end of life companionship. We are located in Kitchener Waterloo and also operate in Cambridge, Woodstock, and other areas close to KW.
Human Resources Consultant
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Pam Urie
N1R 8J6
Tel: 519-620-8052
Mobile: 226-750-3596
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Pam Urie is an experienced human resources manager/practitioner. Currently retired, she is interested in keeping in touch with the small business community.
Senior Marketing Consultant
Van Patter Group
5 Summit Ave
Tel: 905 3910085
Mobile: 905 3910085
We are your local digital marketing agency in Cambridge, ON and Our team of developers, designers, writers, and social media gurus are ready to help you grow your brand online. Our digital marketing services help your business grow brand awareness, relationships, and website traffic.
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Xtreme Eco Inc.
For the last twenty five (25) years I have worked in the highly speculative Start-up world, effectively guiding, pioneering and selling the latest innovations. I have been a pioneer and driving force behind numerous leading edge ventures. I have done some amazing things with very limited resources. I have experienced incredible successe
Data Scientist
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450 Phillip Street
N2L 5J2
Graphic Designer
100 Queen st. N Unit 1202
N2H 2H6
Tel: 2267473542
Mobile: 2267473542
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Financial Services Consultant
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4A-317 Speedvale Ave E
N1E 1N3
Tel: 8772429116
Mobile: 7052093394
Wright & Associates Financial Services offer retirement and insurance advice to our clients to help them achieve their goals. We believe that each client is unique. So, whether you're seeking estate equalization advice, insurance or buy-sell agreement funding, we are here to help. We take a team approach to your financial health by pooling our expertise and supporting each other so that we can best meet your individual requirements. Through partnerships with independent portfolio managers, we help our clients save money over traditional investment vehicles (such as mutual funds). We are not limited to one line of products nor are we tied to a specific company. We look at our clients' individual needs and guide them in choosing the services and products that suit their stage in life to help them achieve their financial goals and dreams. We believe that starting the conversation about taking care of your family's financial future is the first step. No client is too small for us. Our motto is "Everybody counts or nobody counts."
Business Partner
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Payment Startup (To be launched)
I am an entrepreneurial and resourceful business professional experienced in taking ventures off the ground and leading operational growth. I have a wealth of management experience in nonprofits and startups, covering a wide range of areas such as edtech, blockchain, identity and privacy. I am a business partner at a payment start-up and a member of Women in Payments. I am also working to launch a VC fund for underestimated founders and co-chairing a global initiative advancing the adoption of the verifiable credential technology for COVID-19. I obtained my MBA from the University of Toronto and a Master’s Degree in Anthropology from China.
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Brussels' Business Pilots
281 Turnberry St., P.O. 567
N0G 1H0
Tel: 2262209345
Mobile: 2262209345
Guiding companies to effective business processes. Got a question, e-mail and get the straight scoop. A business sometimes needs a pilot just like every athlete sometimes needs a trainer and every good businessman sometimes needs a coach. Why the term Business Pilot? A pilot is a mariner who guides ships through dangerous or congested waters. Pilots are expert ship handlers who possess detailed knowledge of local waterways. A business pilot is a specialist in a particular field and can help guide you and your business to your objective, your vision. Contracting a pilot can save you time, money and he/she helps you stay on track. A pilot is also there to warn you or make you aware of problems (the rocks) before they become a burden and/or very costly to resolve. The business pilot will take the time to listen to you, ascertain your needs and exchange ideas and information with you. You are then guided to the stated goals and outcomes such as business plans, backcasts instead of forecasts, cash flow or ABC analytics, software needs, hardware requirements etc. Brussel's business pilots don't get caught up in internal politics and personalities. We remain impartial so as to achieve the best results that fit the character of your business. However, under all circumstances, the master has full responsibility for safe navigation of his vessel, even if a pilot is on board. Its your business and you are in charge always. If you need more information then e-mail the above or call 226 220 9345. Thanks for your time.