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Brenda Schrader-Sanders
Coaching Business Women through Hypnosis

Jumpstart Your Success

33 Roland Street, Kitchener, Ontario, N2G 1K5, Canada

Mobile: 5194963313
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Brenda is a coach for BUSINESS women. Brenda was in real estate for 23 years, her husband was in real estate for 33 years, her daughter is in real estate for 18+ years and her daughter-in-law is a real estate office manager in Collingwood for 10+ years. Brenda knows the journey of being an entrepreneur. Her first year in real estate, she was on welfare and a government subsidized home. By the end of her second year, Brenda paid cash for a new car. In her third year in real estate, Brenda put 25% down on her first home. Determination and mindset saved her. Now Brenda adds a softer business model - Coaching with Hypnosis to break those limiting beliefs and help the client have the success they deserve.