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Elite Training Facility
1253 King St. E. Unit 1A
N2G 2N5
Tel: 519-603-4223
Over 20 years of experience in fitness instruction, Elite Training Facility in Kitchener offers you the highest level of fitness programs. Personal strength training, fitness classes and weight loss through cardiovascular exercise. Elite Training Facility has the program you need to maintain and strengthen a high level of fitness excellence. Combine with Registered Massage Therapy for a full health and fitness experience. Melissa has always lived an active lifestyle by participating in sports but as she became an adult and a mother she started to understand the real importance of taking care of herself by eating healthy foods and exercising regularly. She knows first hand the impact exercise has on mental health and confidence. She is passionate about helping others make that step to a healthy and more positive lifestyle that she knows is not always easy to take. Melissa has trained under Clint Sinding, CEO & Elite Trainer for over five years and brings the Elite Training Facility energy, fun, and skill to personal training and the Better Body Exchange strength training classes. We couldn't think of a better individual to add to the Elite team.