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Gunther Kramer
Founder and CEO

Gecko Websites

240 - 55 Northfield Drive East, Waterloo, Ontario, N2K 3T6, Canada

Phone: 519-591-8801
We provide website development products and services, including domain names, hosting and more! We provide our clients with customized solutions to get their websites up and running quickly and smoothly. Do you require an online booking or reservation system? How about adaptive online forms? Don't forget search engine optimization, newsletters and social media!

You can have a fully-responsive website which displays properly on all devices, including mobile. Your website can be setup as an easy-to-use WordPress hosting account, which gives you access to all the admin areas. This lets you self-manage your entire website and hosting account.

We also provide fully managed systems, so you can leave all the work to us! Relax and know that all your website systems are taken care of for you, constantly updated and secured as the internet changes over time.