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Tanya Riemann

Guelph, Ontario, Canada

Mobile: 519 766 2822
I'm an engaged and driven UX design professional offering a wide range of design process, information architecture, and marketing skills. I am excited about entering this new phase of my career and am fully committed to enhancing creative strategy, optimization, and engagement on all projects I participate in.

My value is further enhanced by being a business owner and understanding business aims and goals. I am excellent at connecting with people and generating targeted recommendations. I can see all sides of the business picture and deliver user centred design to the end user while ensuring the business side of things stays on track.

I have a tech background in website design and knowledge of programming and databases. I'm able to communicate in tech and non-tech terms to ensure that everyone involved in a project is on the same page. I'm a customer and user advocate and love working with different departments to understand their position, collaborate, and receive feedback.

I believe a successful project relies on adaptability to changing circumstances, and my appetite for innovation fits well in a fast-paced environment. My education and professional background has cultivated my characteristics as a proactive individual who strives to exceed expectations and work productively with those around me. I believe each new challenge presents a learning opportunity and am looking forward to having many collaborative wins as I grow in my field.