Turning Negativity Into Positivity

We are surrounded with so much negativity in the world and all around us. News of death, war, riots, and anger/road rage seems to be everywhere. Each time you turn on the news or go to the store, you notice this. As human beings we struggle to find positivity after spending most of the last two years isolated from loved ones and our close connections. Is it any wonder why negative thoughts are uppermost in our mind? Why not combat negative people and ideas with a good dose of positivity? You can do it with some simple but extremely powerful steps.

Make Smiling a Part of Your Wardrobe:

As you get ready in the morning, remember that the best item you can wear is a smile. Everyone looks good with a smile. They are contagious. As you smile at others, you will notice others smiling back. Smiling is a profound fashion statement.

Give Compliments Freely:

You know how good you feel when someone tells you they like your new sweater or love your hair. Please pay it forward and share a compliment with others. This includes telling a loved one how much you appreciate and love them.

Ask “How Are You?” and MEAN IT:

 “How are you” is often used as a friendly gesture. Many people don’t wait to see what the response is. Try looking your co-worker in the eyes, ask them how they are, and then listen to the answer. By doing so, you show you care.

Lookout for the Silver Lining:

People who get stuck in negative thinking often cannot find any positive things in a situation. Instead of focusing on the half-empty glass, look at the half-full glass and find the positive aspect of each case.

Listen to Others:

People want to be heard, especially when under strain and stress. Offer your time and your ears to sit down and listen to someone who is struggling. Sometimes that is all it takes to help another person feel better and more positive.

Make Someone’s Day with an Act of Kindness:

Random acts of kindness go far in encouraging positivity. Pay for someone’s drink at the coffee shop. Open the door and let another customer enter the store ahead of you.

Play Some Uplifting Music:

Music enhances our emotions. Find some commercial jingles from your childhood and sing along with your friends. If you are feeling a little down, pull up some cheesy 80's songs or a whatever music that uplifts you and enjoy.

Use Social Media for Good:

Scroll through your social media feed for too long, and you can quickly become depressed. Resist the urge to put your own negativity into the pool. Instead, post some positive quotes or pictures that will make others smile. Share happy stories.


Be someone who gives positive reinforcement.  People who struggle through a rough times in life need a cheerleader. Choose to encourage a friend or family member to see beyond the moment and continue moving forward. Let them know you believe in them.


Here are some steps you can take which will impact your own negativity and others.

Decide today to stop spreading negativity. Enhance this choice by choosing one tip to focus on this week. You might start with smiling more. They are free for you and priceless to others.

Go through your social media contacts, looking for those who tend to be the most negative. Remove access to toxic people will help you stay on the path to a more positive mindset. Decide who you can unfollow or unfriend and do so. I recently did this myself.  So refreshing!

Think about the last time you spoke to your mom, dad, sister, brother or other family members. If it has been a while, give them a call and share with them how much you appreciate them being in your life. Do the same for good friends, let them know. You will feel wonderful, and they will be thrilled to have heard from you.