Do You Have A Brand?

Do you have a brand?

Simple question, you would think,  or is it?

Whether I am standing at the podium at a conference, or sitting in front of you as a business consultant, or mentor, I will ask you this one question:

  • Do you have a brand?

My next question is:

  • What do you perceive your brand to be, what does it convey to others?

Two simple questions, and whether it's 1,000 people in the audience or one person face to face, or online, if they don't know the answer obviously I can help them with this predicament.

But, and this is the difficult bit, most people want to cut to the chase, meaning, forget the brand, tell me how to sell to my prospective clients... I need to make money!

It won't work - well, it might if you are the inventor of something no-one else has come up with... but you might agree that is becoming increasingly difficult in these days of hi tech.

Another question I ask is:

  • Tell me YOUR favourite brand?

I would be able to come up with at least 4 or 5 names. But, the majority of people look at me with a blank stare and ask me "what do you mean"?

Think about this. Even if you never read awesome articles written by some of my favourite brands such as Richard Branson, to name one, then surely you shop for groceries, clothes, cars, computers?


Surely you continue to show loyalty to the businesses you spend your money because - because why?

  • You remember who they are first and foremost. Their brand is memorable, recognized, and you are happy with what they offer. Products, services, customer service.

My next question is:

  • Would you like your brand to be memorable, recognized, and enable you to be the person/organization people do business with?

Now you know why its important to have a brand.