Corporate Leaders, you have the POWER to re-implement a good old fashion approach to communicating with your employees - a face-to-face conversation.

There is no question today that people are hungry for human connection - any kind will do. I viewed a video that gave astounding statistics on how many people are connected to Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter etc. We need to keep in touch, follow-up, like or tweet our friends, family, co-workers - it seems this is the life for many.

More recently, I watched commercials and videos of people standing in groups or couples having dinner, not talking, but texting or tweeting. Our ability to look one another in the eye and share a part of our self, more than the superficial, is rapidly fading into some other galaxy. We need to form relationships with people the good old fashion way, not with electronic devices. Human interaction is a necessity.

I'm all for technology, but the time has come for us to reach back in time and start having conversations again with our employees, on things that really matter - for starters, on health and disability.

Many corporations manage the health and disability of their employees through an outsourced system or company that never meets the employees and never visits the workplace. A face-to-face claims management approach can expedite the employee's recovery back to the workforce, to produce for you, the corporation.

As Simon Sinek says, it's time to put the 'human' back in humanity. 'Technology is terrible for building relationships.'


I would suggest that one of your strategic corporate mandates for 2015 includes face-to-face solutions to your corporate issues, starting with the health of your employees before they go off on disability.

Just a thought....



Lucie Fournier, Founder & Workplace Health Strategist has been an Occupational Health Nurse for 30 years and has witnessed the rapid decaying of onsite health services in the workplace and the continued struggle for employers to manage their disability claims without the management of health.



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