Taking Care Of You!

As busy small business owners, we forget to take care of ourselves while we are attending to our customers and managing our networking contacts. In order to stay healthy, it is important to pay attention to our health.  If we aren't healthy enough to work, chances are our business is going to suffer.

Some simple things to do despite your busy schedule can include some of the following:

  • Park the furthest away from the entrance - this gives you some exercise and time to take a deep breath before the next meeting
  • Make sure you take a lunch break - not on the run - but in  a quiet space so that you can relax a little before continuing with the meetings of the day
  • When choosing a restaurant or making a lunch consider the following:


- No microwave heated foods

- Avoid processed foods

- Avoid NutraSweet, Sucralose, diet drinks and sodas, and high corn sweetened foods

- Use raw honey and grade B maple syrup to sweeten your food

- Avoid artificial sweeteners

- Try to eat as much as organic fruit and vegetables

- Incorporate nuts, grains, legumes and free range meats

- Consider an all plant based diet

- Use cold compressed olive oil, sesame oil or organic coconut oil for cooking

- Try fresh wholesome breads without preservatives


I know coffee has become an addiction for many. Try to reduce coffee intake on a daily basis.  Afterall, it is a drug and not so healthy for you. Try herbal tea or good old water and lemon slices.

Small changes here and there will ensure you maintain a level of health required for daily living and running a successful business. Instead of pulling into a fast food restaurant, pulling into a grocery store or health food store, can almost guarantee better choices.

To your health!

Lucie Fournier

Founder/Workplace Health Strategist