What Does A Garden Hose Have To Do With Sales?


At the February, 2020  Monthly SBCN Networking Event, the notion of motivation came up several times.

It reminded me of a sales analogy that I used when I was in the field coaching sales representatives.  That analogy revolved around a garden hose and the characterisitcs of the flow out of the hose when you turned the tap on and off.

I am not sure this entirely fits the notion of motivation but it does reinforce the idea that managing and scaling up a business requires constant, steady effort.  You cannot allow your effort to lapse because you think that you "have arrived" or "have it made".  If you do, very soon it will feel like you are starting from scratch once again!

I used the garden hose analagoy in a blog on my website.  When I wrote the article I was thinking more about a sales manager managing a sales team but I think there are insights applicable to a small business.

You can find the article here:

Shade's Mills Blog: Garden Hose Analogy