Recorded Future Interview With Linda Ockwell-Jenner

As well as being the co-founder of the Small Business Community Network (SBCN) I also own and operate Motivational Steps'Motivational Steps™ is a leading consulting and personal development company in Ontario, Canada. I am often engaged to be the keynote speaker at conferences, and speak at events. I travel globally and my topics are small business, branding, networking, stress, health & wellness.

Recently I interviewed an amazing person, Christopher Ahlberg, who is the CEO of Recorded Futurean internet technology company founded in 2009, based in Somerville, Massachusetts, United States, and Gothenburg, Sweden, specializing in real-time threat intelligence.

Christopher sold his first company for $190m and has just sold his latest venture for $780m. This is part of my video series, Conversations With Linda. To find out more about Christopher and Recoded Future can check out the video on YouTube.


I believe in building relationships, sharing information and of course assisting others to achieve their goals. By sharing these videos viewers will discover many things, information, inspiration and of course knowledge.