Jump On The Podcast Wagon

If you are in business and you are not yet offering your own podcast it’s time to do just that! I have been hosting my Motivational Moments podcast since 2005 and SBCN Small Biz podcasts since 2012.

It’s a lot easier now to offer your own podcast than when I got started all those years ago. 2019 is the year of the podcast, they have definitely become mainstream and the benefits of offering your own podcast are many.

Think about this, everyone has busy lives, but the majority of people have time to listen to a 15 minute or less podcast, on the go, in the office, at home, at the gym, the list goes on.

Podcasts drive traffic back to your website and blogs. Nearly 10 million Canadian adults have listened to a podcast in the last year and this number is growing. Podcasts are extremely popular for the 18 – 34 millennial demographic.

Make sure that you come up with a plan before you take the leap to podcasting. Research popular podcasts in your area of expertise in order that you offer something unique. Ensure that your brand is aligned with the podcast. You will want a name for your podcast, art work and of course time to record the podcast and market it.

Google podcasts launched in June 2018 and their game plan is to reach out to the audience in countries such as Brazil, India and even Russia.

Whatever you do make sure your podcast is produced professionally, and you can do this yourself.

I am lucky to have my business partner and husband Dave to assist me and we knew from the get go way back in 2005 how to ensure my podcast would look and feel good to the listener.

  • Introduction music
  • Invite someone else to introduce you
  • Use a script if you need to unless you are like me and can think fast
  • Music ending the podcast

You can offer a podcast with just you talking, or you can invite guests along. Offering prizes if you want to add that extra something, such as a competition works well. Sponsors are always around if you look for those opportunities and pick the right brand that works well with your brand. If you decide to have a co-host/guest during the podcast make sure you get on well and understand each others sense of humour and skill set so it’s not awkward on air.

Last, but not least, enjoy every minute of this new and shiny offering. Don’t be boring, don’t be complement and above all don’t forget to be consistent.

Happy podcasting!