Exploring Instagram

Here's a quick look at my Instagram page from today...

... The item in the bottom middle is a native video I just posted, which is quickly becoming one of my most popular posts. A native video is one posted directly to Instagram (or Facebook or Twitter, etc.) rather than a link to a video on YouTube, Vimeo, Vidyard, etc.

"With more than one billion monthly active users, Instagram ranks third after Facebeook (with just over two billion active users) and YouTube (with 1.9 billion)" - Forbes 2019.

I am experimenting with Instagram, as a new user, and once I have some facts and figures my 2020 Instagram strategy will be in place.

As an early adopter to social media in general, I tend to watch, listen and say little at first and research the why, the how and the when.  This has worked out well for me on the earlier platforms such as Twitter, FB, LinkedIn, Pinterest, to name a few.

Some of the benefits of using Instagram are:

  • Increase your brands visibility
  • Reach your target market
  • Post your content
  • Listen to what your customers are saying

If you are not yet using Instagram and decide to give it a try remember to ensure your user name will stand out and it identifies back to you easily. The purpose of any online activity is to increase your brand visibility and to become memorable.

Instagram is a visual platform. Post graphics, and add a description. Videos are particularly appealing. The following lists the specifications for publishing video on Instagram at the time of writing:

  • Minimum resolution for landscape video is 600 x 315.
  • Minimum resolution for square video is 600 x 600.
  • Minimum resolution for vertical video is 600 x 750.
  • Landscape aspect ratio is 16:9.
  • Square aspect ratio is 1:1.
  • Vertical aspect ratio is 4:5.
  • Max file size for all formats is 4GB
  • Recommended video formats are .MP4 and .MOV.
  • Video length max is 60 seconds.
  • Video max frames 30fps.

Around 5 million people view brand created Instagram videos.

20% of your posts can be about “selling” your products/services. 80% focuses on great content that will engage more followers and should not actively promote your product or service. The 20/80 rule, and yes it works! On the other hand you are able to showcase your products/services in an appealing way. This is where the content comes into play along with a graphic that subtly highlights your product.

Instagram wil reach 112.5 million US users alone in 2020!

I will definitely be up to speed and using Instagram to benefit my businesses very soon, and if you think it’s a fit for you, go for it too.