Why Does Your Business Need Layered IT Security?

A common question we get asked is whether you need virus protection, anti-malware software or a backup system?

The answer is yes – you need it all.

Layered security, also known as layered defense, is the term used to describe the multiple programs and actions you need to competently protect your computer, network, email, and website from hackers and viruses. There is no single knight-in-shining-armor solution.

Viruses Protection and Firewalls
Antivirus software detects and eliminates threats while the firewall acts as the first line of defense to block those threats from entering your system in the first place. Working like a tag team, the 2 commonly come as part of a single security program. Computer viruses are generally used to wreak havoc on your physical computer and network their ultimate goal being to cause a system failure. These original computer viruses aren’t as popular as they were 20 years ago, but still exist.

Malware Protection
Malware is all the rage because there is far more money to be made than there is from releasing a virus! Malware is a broad term used to describe a deliberate technological attack on your computer or network and includes viruses, adware, spyware, and the like that will do anything from steal your passwords and other sensitive information to taking over your computer. Ransomware, for example, can take control of your computer and the hacker will offer to give control back to you for a price. Malware protection is usually focused on the money-hungry programs than system-crashing viruses.

Most antivirus software includes some malware protection, and most malware protection software includes typical virus identification in its knowledgebase, but neither is a comprehensive barrier against online threats which is why you need both.

No security system is completely infallible. Someone is always going to design a program no protection software is ready for which is why it’s important to have a backup system in place for your computer, and your website. Hiring a professional IT company to back up your system daily will allow you to recover data almost instantly, saving you a headache and protecting your revenue. Malicious threats aren’t the only causes of system or website failure; hardware wears down, servers crash, even a power failure can cause technology to reset. There are backup programs available that will allow you to be up and running again inside 20 minutes versus the 2 to 5 days (or more) it will take to rebuild from scratch.

Additional security layers are standard for most developers, and those include password protection, password and data encryption, privacy controls, and email spam filters. These additional layers don’t come with antivirus, anti-malware or backup systems so checking in with your IT personnel to make sure those steps are in place and up to date is worthwhile due diligence.

Protect your computer, your network, your website, and your customers by enabling a layered technology security system.

Polarverse can provide layered security and defend your system in real time against threats – most of the time we’ve neutralized the problem before our clients knew there was anything worth worrying about.
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Chris Davis
Founder & CTO
Polarverse IT Services