Which Foods Are Your Friends?

We are hearing so much in the news lately about diet and nutrition.  Eat this, don’t eat that.  Every day there is a new “super” food or a new book about health, diet or nutrition.  Are you left wondering what to feed yourself and your family?  I don’t blame you!    

Quite often I am asked by my clients how I got into doing what I do, which is primarily sensitivity testing and BIE (energy re-balancing).  The short answer is that when I graduated from nutrition school with all the latest information about nutrients, foods, diets and health, I was shocked to realize how biochemically unique each individual is.  I quickly found clients that could not eat “healthy” foods such as protein or fruits.  These healthy foods literally made them sick.  You may think that sounds strange – I certainly did at the time.  I quickly realized that giving someone a perfect by-the-book “diet” for their particular situation was useless unless I could find a way to figure out what actually made their body strong and what made their body weak.  At the time, I was blessed to spend time learning from a fellow nutritionist who had developed a way to easily test for sensitivities, along with a way to energetically re-balance (using BIE) what may be out of balance in (or being rejected by) the body. 

Over the years, I have worked with thousands of clients – many of them children – who could not eat simple healthy foods without a side effect such as a mood or behavior change, ear issue, stomach ache, diarrhea, constipation, sleep disturbance, fatigue or skin condition.  My youngest client was a 4-week-old baby severely reacting to the foods his mom was eating and passing undigested through her breast milk (due to his mom’s food sensitivities).  I have never seen a person who does not have at least one food sensitivity.  We all have them thanks to the toxic environment we live in.  When I say sensitivity, I am not referring to a life-threatening allergy.  Allergies are something that must be diagnosed by a medical allergist.       

My goal when you come to my office is to empower you to live as healthy as possible.  This means that I will teach you to make healthy lifestyle changes that will include good whole foods suitable for your (or your child’s) own bio-chemical uniqueness.  I do not hand out diets.  Diets are restrictive and temporary.  Knowledge is power and lifestyle changes are permanent. 

Sensitivity testing and the energy re-balancing that can be done with BIE extends far beyond foods.  Feel free to check out my website www.divinewellness.ca for some of the other amazing things that can be helped with sensitivity testing and energy re-balancing (BIE).  

Kim Edmundson is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist & BIE Practitioner. She can be reached at (519)222-6163 or by email at kim@divinewellness.ca . You can also visit her website at www.divinewellness.ca .