What disability coverage means for you, the self-employed.


What disability coverage means for you, the self-employed.

Let’s start with the benefit to YOU if you are the 1 in 3 persons who will suffer a disability that prevents YOU from earning an income.

  •  Food on the table (bills paid)  
  •  Roof over their heads (mortgage paid)  
  •  Business stays open (business expenses covered)  

The Power of an Unbundled Disability Policy:

1.   Power of Unbundling: You may take injury insurance only or add illness coverage for a complete Income Protection plan. Cover your business expenses with Business Overhead Expense coverage.  This can be taken stand-alone or as a rider on the individual disability.

2.   Power of Guaranteed Issue coverage is for injury and simplified underwriting for illness coverage.  Clients with health issues can still qualify for the injury coverage.  If unable to qualify for illness disability, it is a good idea to include Guaranteed Issue Critical Illness that has no underwriting.

3.   Power of Best Of Financials allows self-employed clients to qualify for higher benefit amounts as they have the option of using their net income or their Gross Business revenue.*

*The share of business revenue before business expenses and before taxes. Reduced by:  a) cost of goods sold, b) any salaries, wages or bonuses paid. Refer to policy for complete wording.


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I am Glenn Stewart, CIP, CRM, CHS. I am a former business owner. I have been an insurance broker for 40 years helping self-employed and business owners with my expertise.