What Can A Banana Tell Us About Business Strategy?




Tom Fournier

I had a “I was this many minutes old” moment not too long ago when I saw someone posting about bananas.  I wish I kept track of the person who posted so that I could properly credit them.

When you go to peel a banana, which end do you start with?

I have always started at the top (or stem) and quite often resort to making a little cut in the peel so that the banana is easier to peel.  I have always done it this way and have never given any thought as to whether there might be a better way.

This post I saw, suggested that wild animals start from the opposite end of the banana.  For them it is quite effortless.

I just had to go find a banana and try to peel it that way.

Mind blown.

What the heck have I been doing all of those years?

What does this have to do with business strategy or day to day practices?

Ask yourself this, what are you doing with your approach to your business?

Are you going to market in a certain fashion because that is the way it has always been done?  Perhaps you believe that it is the only way to sell your products or services?

Like peeling a banana, there are other ways to approach to business.

Let’s talk.  Who knows what new banana peeling techniques we might find!  I am always happy to chat or brainstorm!